Since many years people have argued for whether a PC or gaming-console is better. Both of the gaming devices have pros and cons. To make your selection easy below are the top ten reasons to let you decide whether a PC or console is better for gaming for you. 


#1 Ease of use

With a gaming-console, little to no video or sound adjustment is needed. You can directly plug & play and initial setup is easy. On the other hand most people are familiar with its use and it is easy to controls by kids. Also required updating of console itself very limited. Patching of games is less and rarely causes much delay for games you play often.

#2 Controllers

Xbox One Controller

While a gaming-console controller is easy to use and play since it is only designed for gaming, keyboard and mouse are still good for playing any games - not just shooting games. Combination of keyboard and mouse offer precision and speedy control than analogue sticks on console controllers.

#3 Hardware Upgrade

A great plus point with PC and specifically assembled PC is hardware upgrade which is no option on any gaming consoles. Hardware Xbox, PS and Wii are updated after many years but technology is constantly changing.

#4 High screen resolutions

Most of the gaming-consoles can deliver 1080p HD resolution but in many cases don't actually do it. With a high-spec PCs it can easily handles games at 1080p and Ultra-HD resolution. Since consoles cannot be upgrades with hardware we cannot run Ultra-HD resolution. So consoles are graphically inferior to high-spec PCs. But since most people have a bigger TV than PC monitor, so gaming on a big screen is more easy with a console.

#5 Mods and game hacks

Many PC games get free unofficial updates like Bug fixes, enhancements, new hardware support by their fans. PC gamers are very enthusiastic for pulling apart save games and data files, and finding ways to cheat. These things are not possible with gaming-consoles until you have hack the console which may void its warranty.

#6 Games Cost

Compared to PC games, games for "Xbox" or "PS" are much more expensive.

#7 Multiplayer Gaming 

A gaming-console like "Playstation" or "Xbox" is much fun to play locally multiplayer (split screen) with convenience (sofa gaming). Like a PC they also have online multiplayer feature.

#8 Storage space

Gaming consoles have limited storage to whatever can fit on a DVD or built-in memory since hardware is non-upgradable. For PC games,it depends on storage space of your hard drive.

#9 Cost on repairs

When a PC comes across error (hardware or software) they can easily replaced. With gaming consoles hardware faults generally mean entire console needs to be sent back to the company get fixed or for replacement.

What should you choose a PC or gaming console?

If your budget is low, definitely go for a PC since it's games will cost much less than a console game. Also PC's are used for various other stuff except gaming. For good and easy gaming experience on a wide-screen TV go for a gaming-console.

So what do you choose a PC or gaming-console? Leave your reply in the comment below, I will be very happy to hear you.