If you are not familiar with what a gamma seal lid is, you need to be. A gamma seal lid turns an ordinary old fashioned bucket into a very useful storage container. A gamma seal lid fits most buckets between a 3.5 gallon to 6 gallon size as long as the top is 12 inches. They are much easier to use when accessing the contents of the bucket than the typical gasket lid.
Gamma seal lid
To install the gamma seal lid, remove the gasket lid from the universal adapter ring. Place the adapter ring on top of the bucket and press down. It may be necessary to use a hammer to install the adapter ring tightly. If using a hammer it is better to place a short piece of 2x4 across the adapter ring and hit it instead of directly on the ring and risk damaging it. This ring makes an air tight seal around the top of the bucket. Now when you twist on the lid you have an air tight storage container.

This container is useful for storing all kinds of things, one of which as the picture shows is dog treats. If you are going to be using the container to store food items be sure to get food grade buckets. We use are gamma seal lids on buckets to store things we buy in bulk like, sugar, floor, salt, etc. The air tight seal supplied by the gamma seal lid helps keep things fresh as well as free from pests.

Ideas of what you can use a bucket with a gamma seal lid for:

  • Store bulk items like salt, sugar, floor
  • Store dog or cat food and treats
  • Since it seals air-tight, use it for storing compostable household waste under the kitchen sink
  • Put smaller things in them like canned food or just stuff and stack them for better storage
  • You could even use the bucket with the gamma seal lid as a cheap toolbox, depending on how heavy the tools are the you put in it, the bucket might even float.

Gamme seal lids come in many different colors so you can color code your buckets but using the lids. Since they are so easy to get in and out of it is not really a problem opening them to check what is in it.