Al Capone and Meyer Lansky made have been famous gangsters but they were also the epitome of fashion and style. There attire consisted of two tone shoes, a knit or silk tie, a matching suit and of course, their distinctive hat. The Gangster Hat, as they became to be called, are actually a felt hat, a type of Fedora, with a wide brim and a pinched front. They were traditionally black, grey or brown and they often a a soft small feather tucked in a silk band around the hat.

Gangster hats were very popular and were also worn by detectives and their long trench coats and by legitimate business men who wanted to appear confident and successful. Eventually gangster hats were being worn by the everyday guy on the street and they were considered an indispensable accessory. Gangster hats in one form or another has come in and out of fashion every decade. The size or brim might change but the mystic and interest in them has never completely died.

Gangster hats in the 1920's and 30's were only worn by men. As the decades progressed the popular hat was also designed in a smaller version for women. They were also made in many colors to match any attire for the ladies. In recent years the hats were a fashion statement when paired with baggy pants and sneakers. Women would wear them with a pin striped dress or pant suit. Over the past few years entertainers have brought them back into vogue and you will often seen them being worn at red carpet events.

Often the hats are worn slanted to one side or to the other or sloped down in front or back. Each person seems to develop their own unique preference for wearing a gangster hat. Some have wider brims and those brims may be tipped up. The gangster hat is also typically pinched in front and that pinch is also subjective to the wearer. One of the reasons gangster hats have remained so popular is that they can be worn so easily any way the user chooses. They also now are not only made from felt but also wool and many synthetic fabrics. They are comfortable and easy to wear and yet allow one to make their own unique fashion statement.

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