Ganoderma An Introduction - 

The king of adaptogens is a popular chinese traditional herb which has been used to treat Asthma and liver diseases for years. Its botanical name is Ganoderma Lucidum. The name Ganoderma has been derived from two Greek words 'Gano' and 'Derma' which means The Shining Skin.

As it reduces free radicals and regenerates cell. So it beautifies the skin and works as anti-ageing agent. Due to cellular level nourishment its regular consumption, helps to promote health and longevity.

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Components Of Ganoderma Lucidum

Ganoderma lucidum is the heading herb due to presence of its vital components.

(A.) Polysaccharides - Helps to cleanse neutralize and remove toxins from body. It too, enhances cells and boost immune system.

(B.) Organic germanium - Organic germanium regulates the biological process in human body. It is known as the balancer of radicals and oxygen supply. Brain and nerve function is also improved.

(C.) Adenosine - Nucleotide, the adenosine works as regulator of energy transmission and circulation of blood.

(D.) Triterpenes - It is called the builder component. Triterpenes controls cholesterol level and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

(E.) Ganoderic essence - Ganoderic essence detoxifies and nourishes skin. So it is called rejuvenator.

Health Benefits Of Ganoderma Lucidum

Due to presence of its amazing components it has several health benefits: -

(A.) Boosts immune system - Polysaccharides the constituent of Ganoderma Lucidum helps to boosting immune system. Triterpenes helps to strengthen the function of digestive system. It promotes human body system function properly.

(B.) Protection of heart - Ganoderma reduces cholesterol. It detoxifies internal organs as well as liver and heart. Lowering cholesterol it regulates blood sugar. In this way it protects heart.

(C.) Anti-cancer - Germanium and polysaccharides are known as anti-cancer components. As Ganoderma is rich in both, so it fights the proliferation of cancer cells to check the growth of cancer. It too, has anti-tumor effect.

(D.) Checking wrinkles - The constituent Ganoderic essence prevents wrinkles as it works as anti-oxidant. Due to anti-inflammatory properties it slows down ageing. The cellular level nourishment rejuvenate skin.

(E.) Brain booster and neuro protector - Germanium improves the function of brain and nerve. It boosts the memory. Adenosine keeps the nerves of brain calm and works as neuro protector.

(F.) Asthmatic control - Ganoderma strengthens the respiratory system and controls asthma. Organic germanium improves oxygen supply in red blood corpuscles. It helps to respire normally and balance biological process.

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Side Effects Of The Red Mushroom

Undoubtedly Ganoderma is known for its medicinal properties, but it has several adverse effects also.

(A.) Stomach-ache and diarrhea - It is common to have stomach ache after few minutes of taking Ganoderma. Even constipation and diarrhea are experienced.

(B.) Respiratory discomfort - Problem in breathing or nasal discomforts is common.

(C.) Dizziness - As Ganoderma lowers the blood pressure, therefore temporary dizziness and faint may be experienced after its intake.

(D.) Appearance of rashes - Appearance of rashes is the result of detoxification. Itching is also an adverse effect.

(E.) Bleeding - The component of Ganoderma prevents blood-clotting. So bleeding is common. In the patients of ulcer gastric bleeding is seen.

"Disclaimer - The content is written to enhance the knowledge base. So it does not claim any cure. Always begin with any product after consulting your physician."