Many people like to have a nice smooth covering on their garage floor to protect it and keep it looking nice and clean. There are several options for you to choose from. You can just clean the floor and put a coat of garage paint on it, but if the floor already has stains and scrapes on it this may not have the results you are looking for.

A Protective Coat

There are a few extra steps that can be taken to result in a garage floor that will look like a beautiful show room floor, be very easy to clean and last forever without having to be redone.

First, clean the garage floor with a concrete cleaner that has a degreaser and acid base. This will clean all existing stains and prepare the surface for your paint. It dissolves oil and dirt and roughs up the surface so that the paint will stick to the garage floor easily.

Next, patch the holes and deep scrapes with an epoxy patching compound. You will fill the holes and smooth it off with a drywall spatula just like floating sheetrock when you do drywall. This will give you a smooth flat surface to start with.

Then apply a good basecoat with the primer included in it. This can be painted with a paint roller and paint pan and it goes on quite easily. The basecoats that include primer will save you one step in this process. These are available in many shades and colors and anyone can find a color that they like.

Lastly, roll on the clear top coat to finish your garage floor. The top coat protects and shines the floor. Make sure that the floor is dry in each step before applying the product in the next step.

Now your floor is resistant to gasoline, stains, antifreeze, salt and oil. In order to clean this floor you only need a bucket of soapy water and a mop or push broom. This covering for your garage floor will easily last a lifetime and never have to be replaced.

Rustoleum sells an epoxy shield kit that includes all of the above products for this task and also has paint chips in it. These are applied before the top coat and leave the surface slightly bumpy for good traction by providing a non-slip surface. They are also decorative and can be placed in patterns on the floor or just sprinkled randomly. The Rustoleum kit is available in many colors to choose from and can be found easily at your local auto supply store.

Some homeowners prefer a nice garage floor that doesn't involve so much work and time. The other options will eventually need replacing, but will keep your work areas and entire garage clean for ease of use.

Garage Floor Mats

There are rubber garage mats that are approximately the size of a large SUV. These are placed underneath the vehicles and they will catch any leakage from your vehicles as oil or antifreeze. These can be cleaned with soap and water, but they eventually do stain and will need to be replaced when the surface is older. As the mats age, they will dry rot like tires and crumble.

Another quick and easy garage floor mat is an interlocking tile. These are 18" x 18" x 1/4" thick in size and can be used to cover the entire garage. The pieces easily snap together kind of like Lego blocks. You simple lay one piece slightly on top of another and push the interlocking tabs of one into the other just like a puzzle piece. These mats are made out of PVC and last longer than the rubber mats that are standard in size. There is a large array of colors available in these and many people choose to alternate two colors in order to achieve a checkerboard style. Flexi-tile is one of the leading manufacturers of this product.

Vinyl Covering

The simplest garage floor covering will take you only minutes to apply. This is a roll out garage floor. It comes in a large roll like vinyl flooring. This product is available in many lengths and widths that are precut for you. If your measurements are not standard you will only have to trim the sheet and then simply roll it out onto the floor. This type garage flooring can be removed to clean with soapy water or can be cleaned in place. If you want it to be a permanent installation, then simply apply a coat of adhesive before putting it in place.

A nice clean garage floor is available to anyone no matter their price range or skill level of do it yourself projects. With so many options and colors to choose from you may also display some of your creativity.