Garage floor carpet squares are a great way to add personality and value to any garage or shop. Let's face facts: America is car crazy! The amount of money spent on automotive products extends beyond the vehicle itself right into the garages. Home shops now take on the appearance of display rooms. The growth in garage decor is staggering and some of the hottest items are garage floor carpet squares. These modular tiles can add color, style, and protection to any garage. Garage floor carpet squares are easily installed and have many benefits. In addition to adding value, they will definitely cause fellow gearheads to drool with envy once they see the bold look that garage floor carpet squares can achieve.

Garage Floor Carpet Squares

There are many benefits to using these garage tiles. These squares come in larger sizes than interior carpet tiles (like Heuga's FLOR tiles) and make installation a snap. The tiles are generally 18 inch square instead of 12 inch as found in the carpet tiles for the home. Some of the same benefits that apply to self adhesive carpet tiles make garage floor carpet squares a snap to install and maintain. These floor tiles are made from durable materials that can stand up to oil, grease and other common household chemicals and be wiped clean with just soap and water. If an area becomes damaged, the piece is easily removed and replaced without ruining the look of the entire floor. The entire floor can be laid in hours not days! The mess and smell of epoxy floor coverings are a thing of the past.

Cost is a big factor in choosing to use garage floor carpeting, too. Many stores closeout styles and it is possible to find discount garage carpet tiles with a little patience. Amazon has a huge selection of garage flooring options with several styles of discount tiles in stock. Durable, high quality garage flooring can still be affordable!

The range of styles and colors found in garage floor carpet squares is astounding! The combinations are almost limitless. Many manufactures offer select colors with the ability to make custom colors on demand. There are many textures and patterns that can be ordered, too. One of the most popular is a diamond plate design. This provides the rugged look of diamond plate with a long lasting floor application. The can also be purchased with ribbing or a "coin" top pattern. All are long lasting and able to withstand daily traffic.

Going beyond the garage, these same tiles can be used with great results in utility rooms, basements and even car trailers. They work great in any place where easy cleanup is desired. The color and patterns are capable of standing up to every day use and still look great. Kids will love the colors and patterns in any basement play space, too.

Garage floor carpet squares are available at many automotive retail suppliers and are easily ordered online. Because they are flat packed in boxes of 20 to 25, generally, they are easy to ship, store and move on the job site. This is a real benefit compared to some of the roll type floor coverings used by many people. Often, patterns and colors go out of style and can be discounted substantially. This is a great way to get cheap carpet tiles.

The benefits of garage floor carpet squares make them well worth considering in any commercial or residential garage. The ease and low carpet installation cost, ease of shipping and storing, long lasting material composition, wide range of colors and patterns all make garage floor carpet squares a great product. Measure your space and consult a dealer and get a price quote today. The difference these tiles make can be astounding!