There are many garage floor finishes to choose from when renovating or just sprucing up your garage. You do need to use specialty paint formulated expressly for garage floors or concrete because standard paint does not stand up to the traffic and wear and tear on a garage floor. Epoxy based garage floor finishes are available in a multitude of colors from home improvement stores, hardware stores paint stores and online retailers. Choose a commercial grade epoxy for maximum durability.

The only real choice for durable garage floor finishes are epoxy based coatings. Don't waste your time, money or energy on any other paint formulations because they just won't stand up to motor oil, gas, grease or the tires on your car or lawn mower. Garage floor finishes also need to be easy to clean and an epoxy based coating will allow for easy maintenance and clean-up.

This is definitely a do it yourself project, but give yourself a good weekend to complete it.

When trying to achieve the perfect garage floor finish that will leave your friends and neighbors wondering if that is your garage floor or a show room, there are steps that need to be taken. Don't skip over any of the steps because it seems like a waste of time or pointless. These steps are the only way to achieve your desired garage floor finish.

Preparation for Garage Floor Finishes:

Remove everything from your garage.

Protect the walls.

Sweep the floor thoroughly to remove any loose debris.

You will have to remove any old garage floor finishes, stains and dirt from the surface of the concrete. This will give your epoxy a good gripping surface. You can use an acid based etching product or a floor grinder to get down to the concrete. Using acid etching or a floor grinder will allow the exposed concrete to absorb and accept the new garage floor finish. When using etching acid be sure to wear protective goggles, gloves, boots and have adequate ventilation. Etch or grind the surface of the garage floor in manageable sections.

Wash down the floor with fresh water.

Allow the surface of the garage floor to dry thoroughly before continuing.

Mix your epoxy paint and pour it into a painting tray.

Use a roller with a long handle to apply the epoxy paint to the garage floor.

Work in smaller manageable areas.

As you are rolling the paint sprinkle the slip resistant flakes on top of the wet epoxy paint. Slip resistant flakes will give garage floor finishes are rougher surface. Sprinkle generously, but build it up by sprinkling a little at a time. Throwing down a handful of slip resistant flakes can cause your garage floor to look lumpy.

Allow the epoxy to dry completely.

Mix the top coat.

Pour the top coat into a roller tray.

With a long handled roller, roll the surface of your garage floor.

Allow the garage floor finish to dry completely before driving or walking on it.

Of all of the choices for garage floor finishes, this is the most beautiful, economical and easiest do it yourself project.