Looking for more information on garage floor paint? Garages can be used for many things. In Florida, there are screen options that allow you to turn your garage into a front porch of sorts. In other parts of the country, people use their garages for game rooms, for workout areas, and in some places, people even park their cars in their garages. What then, is the best answer for the concrete gray, possibly stained, not very attractive floor in that garage?

There are many options available, but some of the best are strategies using garage floor paint. Garage floor paint is affordable, durable and attractive. It can provide the look desired within a budget that can be afforded. Let's talk more in detail about some different types of garage floor paint. First, let's talk about the epoxy paint. There are different types of epoxy paint. The types are mostly based on how much solids the epoxy contains. It can be 100% solids, which is generally considered industrial and has to be applied by a professional.

There is a solvent epoxy, which is generally 40-60% solids and can be applied by the homeowner, and then there is a water-based epoxy, with 0% solids. Both the solvent epoxy and the water-based epoxy are suitable for residential purposes and can be applied by the homeowner, thus reducing costs. With all garage floor paint, preparing the concrete for covering will improve the chances that the epoxy paint will last. Some of the advantages of epoxy paint is that it comes in many different colors, and custom flake can be added to enhance the look. Metallic or colored flakes are available. Epoxy paint can also be purchased with texture added to prevent slipping. Epoxy paint is durable and provides a beautiful finish to garage floors.

Secondly, there is concrete stain. This type of paint is water based and is a stain. It actually soaks into the concrete floor up to about 1/32" It is very durable, lasting a lifetime if it is sealed properly and sealer is reapplied as needed. It is beautiful and comes in a variety of colors. Artists actually use concrete stains to create artwork on city sidewalks and walls in many parts of the country, so the colors are very vibrant and alive. As with epoxy, preparation of the concrete floor is very important to the success of the stain, and it is suggested that the floors be acid washed prior to staining. Once the acid wash is completed, the floor may be stained. Once the stain has dried, then the floor may be sealed. This will protect the stain and provide a wear surface for the flooring.

When garage floor paint is applied, there are always risks of peeling and uneven application. If care is taken to prepare the concrete, and the garage floor paint is applied per the directions for whichever option is chosen, and the finished paint is sealed properly, then painting the garage floor can provide an affordable, durable, beautiful alternative to new floors. The garage floor paint will enhance the extra space provided by the home garage.