One of the main advantages of garage floor tiles over other types of garage flooring is the fact that there are so many different features to be had. Many of these features can also be found in garage floor mats, but it's harder to have multiple features because you're probably only going to need one mat. Garage floor tiles, on the other hand, can often be picked up outside of sets, which makes it easier to combine features that the manufacturer may not have necessarily bundled. Here are a few of the different features that can be found in various sets, including relative price and why you might want it.

Bump Stop

Bumps stops are useful for folks that need to know when and where to bring their vehicle to a stop. If this concept baffles you, then you probably don't need a bump stop. For the most part, these are used in small garage, especially with oversized vehicles, where the vehicle has to be driven nearly through the back wall in order to close the garage door. Some folks solve this problem by hanging a tennis or golf ball from the ceiling of their garage in a place that it will tap the windshield when the vehicle is far enough up. Of course, if you know this is an issue, and you're currently buying garage floor tiles, then you may as well do a bump stop since the price probably isn't much more.

Metal Top

Metal topped garage floor tiles are more expensive than your standard rubber tiles, and they're not for everyone. Even those who plan to work in their garage may or may not need metal topped garage floor tiles. This is mostly for people who do a lot of heavy duty work, including moving of large equipment. Of course, the occasional dropped tool won't damage the garage floors, but it just might damage the tool. Also, if you do plan to work on vehicles in your garage, consider the affects of a metal top on your body. My bet is, the vast majority of people out there really don't need metal tops on their garage floors.

Logo Designs

Are you proud of an entity that sports a nice looking, popular logo? Do you feel like it embodies you? Some garage floor tile makers make use of logos to draw in customers. This will obviously do nothing for pure functionality, but it will allow you to personalize your home a bit. Luckily, the cost is often low as well, since these manufacturers know that those who purchase garage floors are most likely interested in functionality, and they mainly just want to cover the licensing fees.

Directing Of Fluid And Debris Out Of The Garage

This one is more important than it might seem. Many garage floor tile sets come together to create a pattern that directs any fluids that might spill out the front door of your garage. This may only seem useful when working on vehicles, but that's not the case. In hot areas, your vehicle will produce large puddles of water due to condensation from its air conditioner. In cold areas, it will drag snow sludge into the garage with every trip. Regular concrete has no problem with this as it will simply absorb the water, which will eventually pass into the earth beneath. However, once covered, any garage floor with no drainage can quickly become damaged. This is a problem with many garage floor tile sets, so be sure yours has some sort of drainage capability, unless your garage floor has a very obvious incline.`