What does your garage mean to you? Is it a place to park the car, run inside and lock the door? Or is it a place to throw all those boxes of junk you are not sure what to do with? Or is it a place, that someone has to be bribed to take that garbage out to it? Whatever your use of this space, just think for one second how cool would this space be with garage furniture?

The garage is an expensive piece of square footage that in most cases is not being used to its best advantage. You think just how much those property taxes and other bills are on your house, and work them out per square foot, and see just how expensive that space really is, and what are you doing with it?

A real estate friend of mine, once told me that the garage is the most under utilized room in a house, especially if it is attached to the house and has a door to it. When he shows a house to prospective buyers, no one really wants to see it, since it is usually cold and smelly and dark and full of boxes or if you are lucky the car.

People will work on their basements and add upgrades, but the garage furniture, usually consists of a few garbage cans and maybe some old rickety shelves for dusty tools.

He then told me that with all the cool storage and garage furniture you can get now, that to finish a garage would be worth the investment to a new buyer. There are companies that will customize your garage with furniture and state of the art work benches and all kinds of things, but you don't need to go this far. This could cost you a lot of money. But if you do some things yourself, and do some research as to what is available, such as garage furniture, work benches etc, you will get some great ideas.

What if you fixed it up, cleaned it up, added some good lighting and insulated it so it could be heated? Painted the floor, or added some of the new specialty floors for garages you can get now, and some garage furniture, such as great work benches, stools and chairs? You would want to go out there more often right? If you invest in an electrician, to add more outlets for equipment or lighting, this is a huge selling feature for anybody with a hobby, if the day comes you want to sell. You could sell everything in this room along with the house for additional cash, as it fits well in there.

Now this room has become an asset to the house. From personal experience, when we went to sell our house, we had spent some time and money on the garage, and most of the men that came to see the house, were sold on the garage before they even stepped foot into the house. They didn't care about the house at all, just that they could spend quality time in this garage. It was heated, well lit, and had lots of power, storage and garage furniture.

The garage is just as important to your house as the other rooms. So, you don't have to spend thousands upon thousands, but if you cleaned it up, and painted it and got some cool garage furniture, you will use this square footage to your advantage. There are books on the market that show you just how to do this, and this book is one of them. You can get this from Amazon online.Garage: Reinventing the Place We Park (pictured)

garage furniture (38246)

So, why not get yourself some cool garage furniture, get that place cleaned out. Don't have such an expensive room in your house only being used for garbage cans, boxes and a few tools. Take advantage of this space and turn it into something really special.

Create cool storage areas for your basement and garage, so that they don't become full of boxes. This would be a good time to go through all your stuff. Take a nice day, open the garage door, and setup a garage sale with all the things you don't want or need anymore. Make sure nothing comes back into the garage. Take it to charity, the reuse center or throw it out. Anything left that you need, can be stored in plastic tubs on properly created shelves just for storage.

Now take that extra money you just made and put it towards some cool garage furniture and some renovations. Spruce up this space, and get the money back when you go to sell. This could be a really cool hobby room, or work on your car in comfort. Whatever you want it for, the space is waiting for you. Check out the book and see if you can get any ideas for your garage.

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