My house is filling up pretty quickly and we're all starting to feel the squeeze. My wife and I just had our fourth child, and we're happy (and exhausted) from all the energy in the house. Our bedroom is the kids' second room, so we no longer have a quiet place in the house to relax, re-energize, and collect our thoughs before we jump back into the saddle of raising kids.

We have a garage that we don't do much with. We don't park our cars in it, and we have about 10 boxes in there filled with all types of old clothes and paper work. So, after seeing one my buddies convert his garage into his own personal entertainment room, I decided to do something with mine. I sat down with my wife and pitched converting our garage into a meditation room that we could sneak off to when we needed to recharge our batteries. She immediately said yes. So, I jumped online and starting researching online.

Our garage gets really cold during the winter months, and gets hot during the winter months. This is because we have no insulation in our garage, so I had to tackle that situation first. The summer season didn't really bother me, because although the garage gets warm, it's much cooler than outside. It's the winter season that worried me. Even with insulation, it was going to incredibly cold in there. So, I looked into getting a couple of portable heaters for the garage to beat the cold.

To my surprise, there are heaters made specifically for the garage. And they were all very affordable and easy to use. Simple thermostat with cut-out controls as a safety measure, makes it like operating any other portable heater. Once the thermostat is adjusted, the heater begins dissipating clean heat througout the entire garage, so you feel it everywhere. With most ordinary heaters, you have to get really close to them, because they only heat the small area in front of them.

Various types of garage heaters:

Electric Garage Heaters: These are heaters powered by electricity. You simply plug it into one of your home's electrical outlets, and you're good to go. The thermostat is built in and gives you precise temperature control. And automatic shut-off prevents the heater from over-heating. This specific heater is heats about 500 square feet of your garage. This is perfect for most garages. One word of caution; make sure you keep an eye on your electricity bill. The electric heater can quickly raise the price of your bill if you're not careful.

Natural Gas Garage Heaters: If you're already using natural gas in your home, this is a great, economical option. It does cost a little more upfront, but it will save you loads of money to operate in the long run. Just make sure you you place the natural gas garage heater near the exterior wall so that the exhaust can be vented outside.

Propane Garage Heaters: This is the most affordable garage heater. It generates clean heat efficiently, produces colorless and odorless heat, and is controlled with an easy-to-use thermostat like any other heater. Your basic propane heater can heat up to 850 square feet, so most standard garages are covered. Depending on the size of your heater, it can produce anywhere from 8,000 BTU to 22,000 BTU, which is more than enough for your garage.