Enjoy your Garage

Did you know that you can get garage screen doors?  After years of fighting off pesky mosquitoes on those warm summer nights, this would have been a welcomed addition to our garage, especially since we live in the countryside where flies and bugs are plentiful.

The garage door is a huge opening, and if you like those night breezes in the summer and basically love to keep your garage door open most of the season, then having a garage screen door is the perfect answer to keep those pesky insects out.

We have screens for the windows and doors in the house, why not the garage?  Garages are not just for the car anymore, or that place to throw junk.  Many people are using this square footage for workshops and upgrade the garage to living room quality, including good floors and even a big screen TV.  So, who wants tons of flies and mosquitoes swarming you and your setup on those days and nights when you can finally get a nice breeze from outside?

These are an affordable way to keep the bugs out.  They basically hook onto your opening with hook and loop style and then have weight magnets to keep them at the ground level.  You can get them in different sizes and styles to suit your needs as well.

If you love and need to get those warm breezes through your garage but don’t want all the bugs that come with it, or even the birds that tend to fly in, then try using garage screen doors for your opening and protect the inside of your space.

You can get these for single or double door openings, and they are simple to remove or to put up.  You can roll them up if you need to get a car inside, and then drop them back down. 

This makes for a cool setup, if the guys in your family are anything like mine, and basically the garage becomes their second home, especially in the nicer weather.  Theygarage screen doors work out there and entertain their friends out there while looking at the latest car or motorcycle project, then this would make the perfect gift, especially for Father’s Day or a birthday. Double Garage Door Keeps the Bugs Out of Your Garage

It is quite common around my area, to see people in their garage openings on lawn chairs and a beverage of their choice!  So, by adding garage screen doors, they don’t need to coat themselves in mosquito spray or be faced with sweeping up all the dead flies and debris that can blow in from outside on those breezy nights.  It might even put off that skunk that will just walk into this large opening (that is what happened to us, it just quietly walked in while we were in the garage).

You can get these online at such sites as Amazon or your favourite home improvement store.  By shopping online you can get a large variety, and find the one that will fit your garage opening the best.  Find the style you like and then put these garage screen doors up quickly and enjoy a bug free environment this year.

It only makes sense.  Think of it as a gazebo for your garage.  We get screened gazebos for our patios and decks to enjoy the night breezes, but by getting garage screen doo security screen doorrs you will now have some choice as to where you sit come those evening hours or even during the day if there are a lot of flies about. 

So if you have a garage that you love to spend time in, then treat yourself to a garage screen door and enjoy a clean and bug free garage.

If you are looking into adding other screens to your home, consider a security screen door.  These are built tough and will not rip or tear.  There are many types of screens on the market now, and if security is important to you but you still want the breezes, then this could be an option for you.