A garage is the best place for storing gardening equipment, machines and different tools.The original purpose for a garage is parking the car and using it for different activities like a workshop, gym or even a home office.If your garage is only used for storage rather than other activities, then you need some garage storage shelves to keep everything organized.

Garage storage shelves can usually be found as prefabricated or site-built which is the two main forms. Site-built garage storage shelves are usually cheaper and allows you to adopt the sizes to the space you have available in your garage.You can easily find everything you need at the local hardware store.Other good places to look for garage storage shelves are the lumber yard, discount store or the local home center.

Garage storage shelves are often made of a simple piece of 3/4 inch plywood or a length of 1x or 2x lumber on a set of heavy-duty shelf brackets.The shelves are mounted by attaching the shelf brackets directly to the studs with long screws and then attaching the shelf to the brackets.Add a brace at each stud to strengthen the shelf.

Another common type of garage storage shelves are the ones that are floor-supported.To build this kind of shelves you can run vertical 2x4s every 50 inches and resting them on the floor.Attach them to the ceiling joints at the top.The shelf is created by the particleboard and the 2x4s that run horizontally on edge between the uprights.

The most common dimensions for garage storage shelves are 19-25 inches deep and the spacing between the 2x4s that usually is 25 inches.You can change the size depending on the size of the items you are going to store.

Take into consideration the space between the studs if you are going to store small items.You can attach a series of 1x2 strips to the inside edges horizontally of two adjacent studs that are about 6 inches apart, then you cut some 1x4 and 1x6 pieces of lumber and placing them between the studs.By slipping them on top of the 1x2s you can easily create some adjustable shelves that are perfect for small and light items like cans and bottles.The small storage shelves are also great for organizing nails and screws.

Steel garage storage shelves are the best option when it comes to building prefabricated garage shelves. Plastic shelves are the best option for light weight items but you might need to store heavier items in the future so this is something you need to think about.

Steel garage storage shelves are the best option but they have one disadvantage, they cannot be cut to size.This means you can only store items that fit within the available space.When you are looking to purchase prefabricated shelving you need to think of how adjustable they are.You will need to store items on at least two different locations within the shelving framework.There should be adjusting pins available that are heavy duty and something in place for preventing them from becoming accidentally dislodged.

When you are looking to purchase garage storage shelves for heavy loads make sure there is a wall attachment available or other support to prevent it from tipping.