Garage Storage Solutions

Once you run out of storage space in the house it is time to move into the garage. Other than closets there is seldom a more disorganized space than the family garage. When you can no longer park the car there you might think about adding a little storage. If you have one free section of wall or an area of the ceiling you can get started clearing that clutter.

There are a number of options when it comes to garage storage. There is overhead storage which is useful when there is simply no other space to work with. Storage shelves will hold and organize many of the tools and chemicals that are found in a garage. Cabinets can keep things secure from the curious hands of the little ones. The most common of all garage storage solutions is … pegboard!!! Pegboard is used to hold many small and frequently used tools.

Overhead Garage Storage

One of the most overlooked areas that can be used to store items is the ceiling. Overhead garage storage can be hooks, netting, shelves, or any number of things that can hold, dangle, or pin an item to the ceiling of a garage.

Large hooks can be used on the ceiling or the wall. You can hang ladders, bicycles, and other such items from large hooks. You can't necessarily hang everything on a ceiling but if it can be secured by hooks and will not bang you in the head of fall you can.

Netting can be used for awkward things that will not work on hooks. Just toss that item or piece of seldom used furniture into a strong net and forget about it. As with other types of overhead storage you need to use a good quality net that will not rot or fall apart.

Overhead garage shelves are a fantastic way to increase the usable space in a house. You can store those large plastic totes, old moving boxes that you never bothered to unpack, or anything else that you can lift up there. Make sure that you get sturdy shelving that will not warp or break under weight.

Garage Storage Shelves

Storage shelves in the garage are very versatile. All you need is an empty expanse of space and some metal shelving and you are good to go. If you are buying shelving for the garage (not using premade shelving) you'll need to attach 2 brackets to the wall that the adjustable shelves will attach into. This is a simple and quick home improvement project that can be done in a couple hours.

Once you get your shelves in place you can start filling them up with all those goodies that you've been tripping over and dodging for the last few years. Shelves can be used to hold most of the smaller clutter that is scattered about. Toolboxes, tackle boxes, and oil cans can all be stored neatly away.

Using shelving on your walls is probably one of the easiest garage storage solutions. Once things are on the shelves you can see them which makes it easier to find them when you need them. Once your shelves are filled you can start thinking about the other storage alternatives that are available to you. The number of shelves you need will be determined by the amount of clutter you have and how much wall space you can use.

Garage Storage Cabinets

Cabinets are a necessary storage solution for people with curious children. There are other reasons to keep things in cabinets other than on shelves but keeping children from poisonous chemicals is simply an easy way to start.

Ok – you caught me. I don't actually have any cabinets in my garage. I'm quite sure that if I did they'd be full because I tend to fill up everything pretty quick. If I did have cabinets I'd probably fill them with gardening supplies, potting soil, fertilizer, and such. It'd probably save a lot of space under my kitchen cabinets. I don't think you're supposed to store shrub fertilizer spikes under the kitchen sink but that's where I keep them.

Even though I have no cabinets in my garage that doesn't mean you shouldn't. If you're starting the whole storage thing from scratch you can get all the bells and whistles. There is one good thing about garage storage. You can never have too much of it or have it be too varied. You may not know you need it but once you have it you can't live without it.

Once you've got your overhead storage, shelving, and cabinets it is time to move on to what everyone has been waiting for. Pegboard!!!

Pegboard Storage

I'm not a big fan of pegboard storage. It's not that it isn't a great way to store stuff but I have a few spatial issues which means that I'm not terribly efficient with it. Pegboard is a great way to hold all those little things that you use often and don't want to have to dig out of the toolbox. It's also handy for those really awkwardly sized tools that just won't fit anywhere.

Pegboard requires a lot of little hooks and other widgets that are used to hold whatever you want however you want to hold it. You can buy premade sets of the hooks, brackets, baskets, and any other type of holder you might need. You can also buy all the little bits individually. I normally start with a premade kit and then start trying to figure out what else I need and buy some bits by themselves. Organizing with pegboard isn't hard but it can be time consuming. It's kind of like a puzzle. You need to figure out how to arrange all your tools so you get the most efficient use of the space. You want to get the most stuff in the least amount of space and that can take some pondering and occasional redoing.

Most of the previously mentioned garage storage solutions will work for most garages. Not all types of storage is suitable for every garage but once you get started you can figure out what would be the most efficient use of your space.