These days' garage floors are nearly as important as your kitchen flooring.Although deciding which one to use is the biggest problem.Then again it will depend on whether you have just moved in to your home or if you have lived in the home for several years.





After all a garage is exactly that.Have you treated it as a place to store everything under the sun and what about the oil leaks from the cars?If you have a lovely finish on the floor how will you protect it from future oil spills?Do you have extended shelving which would make it difficult to cover the whole floor?





Then if you decide to improve the look you will have to consider whether you would really want to spend another half an hour sweeping or vacuuming out the garage after cleaning the rest of your home. Or from the wife's point of view would that be the husbands domain so it will not affect you until the oil starts to leaks and it really will spoil the new look.





These are all things you need to consider before deciding which floor finish best suits you.





Garage flooring mats





Instead of covering the whole floor it may be better to use several floor mats.Most PVC mats are made with a non porous surface.So they can be taken out and washed with soap and water.Fully covered flooring would not be so easily cleaned.These would also help avoid the risk of accidents from slipping on wet floors.








Garage or patio floor paint or coatings






Years ago when you painted your concrete drives or patios it would look great when first done.Then after a couple of years the paint would wear off.If pouring new concrete you could have the coloring mixed in with the concrete before it was laid which lasted much longer.This was the best and most successful.




In recent years manufacturers have come up with an epoxy (sometimes still called garage floor paint) this is the best wearing covering for your garage or patio floor.Although you will need to realize this is a lot more expensive and there are different types of epoxy some require more applications of coats. This is also available in a choice of ten different colors so you should not have a problem finding something to match the coloring of your home.




Most epoxy flooring is easily cleaned and is a durable surface for heavy use areas. This would be a far more superior choice to using tiles or vinyl.




Application and clean up






Most of these products can be sprayed or painted on with a brush and using water to clean up with. (Always read the instructions before using any products)You would not want to think it is water based then find you do not have the required cleaning products when you have finished the job.




Tiling your garage floor






The best thing about using garage floor tiles, they are easy to lay and remove.Therefore when you decide to leave town and shift to another location you pick them up and take them with you.How good is that, especially after outlaying that money you are not leaving it for the new owners of your home to benefit.




Tiles come in a variety of colors and you can lay them in whichever pattern formation you choose.The interlocking stops them from moving when you drive on them and turn your vehicle wheels.Most of these tiles are resistant to oil and gasoline






Another benefit with this type of tile is when you drop oil or someone drops that bottle of sticky cordial there is no problem.Just lift up that section and take outside and wash, dry and put back again.What could be simpler?


My personal opinion



This tiling would have to be the most reasonable and serviceable garage floor covering.

What with its ease for cleaning and if one tile is damaged for any reason you can simply replace it and the real advantage is you can take them with you when you leave.

Choosing the right floor coverings for your home



There are so many different types of floor coverings for your home that it is not an easy decision to pick which type would be the right one for you.





How to remove linoleum from your floors

If a lino is glued to the floor then it will not be a simple job to remove it. You will require special equipment to do this.