Garden Borders

With the right garden borders and garden edging ideas, you can really turn an ordinary lawn and garden into something extraordinary. Before deciding which type of garden border you would like to use in your landscape, here are some things to consider.

Why Use a Garden Border?

First of all, there are good reasons to use a good border between the garden or mulch beds and your lawn. The best reason is because it just looks good, but a better one is that it will keep your grass healthy right to the edge and contain landscape materials like mulch or rock. It is also a definition of where people should and shouldn't go, it frames your plantings, and can offer relaxing curves in an otherwise square landscape.

No Border

Before you think that you really need a border, consider this garden edging idea - no border at all. In fact, using no border may be a border after all. This is called a trench border and is created by digging out a "V" into the dirt which creates a clean line at the edge of the grass and offers a wall to contain landscape material. For a natural garden edging look without plastic or concrete, a trench border is an attractive option. Be advised, however, that it will require nearly annual maintenance. The annual chore is to keep the edge clean. This is not difficult if you keep at it and the results are simply beautiful.

Plastic Garden Edging

Using a plastic edging material is the cheapest and easiest do-it-yourself way to go. Plastic borders are found in various styles, install easily, and can be set up in a day. The best part about plastic is the price and the fact that plastic garden borders have a pretty low profile. They do a nice job of containing mulch or rock without sticking up so much that they interfere with sight lines into the garden. The worst thing about plastic is that it can work out of the soil, especially where frost is an issue, so make sure to use stakes to pin them down. Even so, you are likely to require an adjustment every few years to keep plastic edging looking its best.

Brick Edging

Bricks are a really neat way to add some color to a lawn that could use it. Landscape bricks that work best for garden edging are those that have curved ends so that they allow for curves without an unfinished look. Installing a brick border is a real job and you don't want to do it poorly. The wrong way is to set them into the ground and think you are done. The right way is to first add several inches of sand and then put the bricks on top of that. This is the only way your brick border will continue to look level and finished for years to come. With bricks you have to make a decision on depth. You can install them at ground level and use the bricks as a path for your mower wheel to end trimming, but this hides the brick from afar. The other option is to set them up high enough to trim against the front which adds a chore but looks great when kept up.

Concrete Garden Border

A newer method uses poured concrete to create a garden border that will last for a long time. In this method a machine is used to pour a border with one of several optional designs and colors included at the time of installation. Be sure you really know where you want your border because this garden edging idea is permanent. The best part about a concrete border is that it looks solid and won't move. The worst part is that it won't move and might crack. If you are the type of gardener who might like to change up your mulch bed dimensions in the future this might not be for you. However, maintenance on this border couldn't be easier. Costlier than other methods, you can look forward to years of performance from a concrete border.

How to Choose?

If you like to change your landscape often and want the easiest method of expanding the garden beds, use a trench border. If you want a low profile and don't want to spend much money, go with the plastic border. To add color pick a lovely brick or even mixed shades, and if you want someone else to do the job and have no maintenance, consider a concrete border.

One of these garden borders and garden edging ideas is sure to work perfectly in your landscape.