It is great to have a garden in front of your house, but not everyone can afford to have a big garden. Some people just don't have enough space to realise all of their landscaping ideas, and they very often give up of having a garden at all. It is not good to give up of your dreams, though. There is a decision for this problem.

Here are a few great garden design ideas for small gardens:

If you have a small garden but you want it to look greener and bigger, there is no need of planting hundreds of seeds on one square meter. This won't lead to anything good. Not only that the seeds won't grow healthy and big, but they will also "exhaust" the soil. What you can do instead is to build a trellis. The trellis is usually a high wooden construction, which is build either next to a wall, or as a barrier to garden relaxation areas. It is a wonderful feature to a garden, as it allows the owner to make his landscape greener by going up. Erect your trellis and plant a few crawling plants around it. Once they grow up and wrap around the construction, your garden will look a lot fresher, greener and more beautiful.

Plant in pots and hang the pots on your fence or on the exterior walls of your house. This is also a great decision, if you want to make your garden look bigger and more beautiful. You can even use everyday junk, such as tin cans and plastic bottles, for pots. These items are very easy to work with, and can be painted, carved and decorated in whatever way one wants. Moreover, they are small and doesn't take much space. You can hang dozens of them on a wall.

Another interesting idea are the lanterns. If you put lanterns in every corner of your small garden, they will put a very beautiful light on it during the night and will make it look bigger. Light always gives a higher sense of space. You can choose from different types of lanterns - there are Moroccan, paper lanterns, classic lanterns, Al-fresco Fairylights, solar power lanterns, you can even make your own custom made ones. All you need is a few bottoms of tin cans, a few glass bottles, a few candles, and a few meters of wire. Remove the bottoms of the glass bottles (it is best if a specialist does it for you). Make two holes on each tin can bottom and stick a piece of wire through them. Mind that the piece of wire has to be as long as each bottle is. Stick the upper side of the wire through the bottle and put a small candle on the tin can bottom before you pull the wire up through the neck of the bottle. You can paint your lanterns, so to make them fancier if you want.

If you want to have a relaxation area in your small garden, you don't necessarily have to arrange it with garden furniture. You can install an old-fashioned bench, which will add a lot of style to your garden. A garden swing seat is also a solution, as it is not only comfortable but also romantic.

These are only few of the ways you can make your small garden more beautiful and spacy. You can accomplish them on your own, but if you don't have enough time, feel free to use professional gardening services in London.