Garden Design Plans - If you have decided it is time to move outside, the temperatures are warmer, the sun is out, the birds are singing, but your kids and even your dog are scared of the yard, then it is time for some garden renovations!

Upgrading your garden and yard, is good for your equity. It will value your home, and is called "curb appeal". Who wouldn't like a bright flowered garden and calming backyard?

But what if you have great ideas, but the wallet is thin? Many garden designers and landscapers will do the design and the work. Moving rocks and digging ponds, but as great as this is for your oasis in the backyard, it can cost huge dollars. Many of the garden designers in the phone book also want to do the heavy work as well, which will look great but cost big time.

So, if you just don't think you are creative enough to come up with garden design plans, and are just staring at a blank canvas when it comes to designing a garden for yourself, but actually love to do the work. Then why not compromise?

Instead of hiring the big guns. Consider getting garden design plans from a Landscape Architect or Garden Planner. Many garden centers, will have someone they know, or if they are large enough they will have someone on staff. You can get them to come to your place, and give you some ideas, and discuss what you are looking for. This way they will know what you want to see. It is good to get them in early spring, but fall is also a good time as you can get a lot of the landscaping done before the winter, and they are not as busy.

If you are looking for an oasis of calm when you get home from work, something with some gentle water noise, and calming flowers and shrubs, then they can design that for you.. If you are looking for a jungle and something wilder, then they can design that too!

They will need to get a feel for your personality, as well as the lay of the land and the size of the space you want transformed. They will ask if you plan to do the work yourself, because if you are, then they will take into consideration equipment needs etc.

They will then go off and create a drawing or garden plan design, that you can work from. Many times they can be broken down into time slots. For example, if your plan is very large, then you may plant the foundation plants this year, such as trees and rocks, and then the next year move onto patios and shrubs for example. Depending on your budget, you can either do it all now, or break it into bite sized pieces. This is the beauty of hiring a planner.

You tell them up front what you feel you can physically do right now, and what you can do to nurture this plan in the future. Your planner will be up on native plants for your area, and incorporate them into your garden plan. They will look at the style of your house, and consider your home in the plans.. To plan a garden can be fun, but getting a good well done drawing, complete with a list of plants, and timing of the project is priceless!

You can do the work yourself, and save money on the labor. So, in the beginning it will be worth paying out for good garden design plans, but now you have a blueprint to go from and are not just guessing and plopping trees and plants all over the place.!

So, next time you are at your garden center, buying your same plants, why not inquire about the cost of garden home plans. Many times the garden center will also give you a discount on plants that are listed on the drawing the planner has done for you.

We did this, and the garden center even delivered everything. We only ordered what we felt we good get planted within a few days. It was great, having something to go by.

We got a can of garden spray paint and laid out the gardens just the way the planner had them. We rented our own lawn removal equipment and brought in some triple mix to add to the soil, and then planted everything the way she had it laid out on the plan. It all came together quite well.

Invest in garden design plans, and take out the guessing of where to put what. Now you have the plan to go by, you will enjoy laying out your garden. You could hire out for the heavier stuff like moving rocks, but now you can rent small tractors and backhoes that are delivered right to your door. They will give you instructions and you can do most of this work yourself.

So, go ahead and create that oasis in your backyard. Create some curb appeal and add value to your house.

If you hire a professional planner like above, you can also add this to the sale of a house and be worth money, even if you did not dig in one plant. Example: What if you had every intention of staying put in your house, and you went ahead and got garden plans done up by a professional, and then you suddenly get transferred at work?

When you list your house, you will be including the garden plans. You can either ask extra in the price of the house for them, or include them for an extra cost. You will be amazed how many people will jump at the chance to purchase your drawings that were created just for that house. So, they are worth money either way. You are not wasting your money by investing in your yard. If you have done the work, and are selling, the agent will advertise it as a "professional landscaped yard".

Just picture yourself in your backyard with just the right shrubs and ponds and trees, everything easy to take care of, and looks like it has been there for ever. That is a good garden design plan.