Outdoor décor is very important to your personal landscape, and when we talk about outdoor design components, the garden fountain is a necessity. You may have seen many such fountains in gardens or big buildings where the water spurts into a bowl or cascades into a pool. Many common fountains allow the water to cascade from tier to tier or from bowl to bowl.

For environmentally sensitive people there is good news, because you may install solar fountains that run without electricity. These water features harness the energy from the sun so they require placement in an open garden that gets direct sunlight.

There are many choices available, a wide variety ranging from bird baths to floor-based or wall-based fountains. With the solar panels positioned in the right direction, you can enjoy the solar fountain to its full extent. However, solar panels may not work very well on cloudy days. The energy can frequently only be stored in solar cells for duration of eight hours or so, any longer and they cease to operate at full illumination.

You may see ceramic, fiber glass and stone-made fountains, but there are other materials available such as copper, slate and stainless steel. Cast stone options are also available. However, there is a maintenance cost to it. You must own a cleaning kit to assure that no moss or algae grows on this material which can make them lose their shine.

Outdoor garden water features can assist you in some necessary garden work and cut the time you spend doing laborious tasks. A garden fountain will not only increase the outdoor décor of your house, but will provide your plants with ample water at regular increments.

The water fountain is appealing visually and aurally while you are taking a sunbath, and you will have time to relax while your fountain does the watering. So if you are thinking about anything that will improve the visuals of your garden, then just make sure that you are not missing out on having a garden fountain outdoors.

With many varieties available there is no constraint on space. Any kind of fountain can be found with different specifications so the size of your garden doesn’t matter at all.

Where large gardens can accommodate elaborate stand-alone fountains, small gardens can support a smaller version of the same figurine or structure to fit your garden. You may install water baths or spouts or sprinklers along with your main center piece.

The worry of watering your plants is gone now as it’s the total responsibility of your fountain. Wall-mounted fountains are also a great choice for small gardens. Wall- mounted fountains don’t need much space and they definitely increase the visual ambiance of a garden.

The material and variety available doesn’t require much maintenance. But some regular maintenance is necessary. The production of different materials used only reduces the time required for maintenance but if you want yours to be running without any issues, then the fountain pump must be serviced and cleaned to avoid breakdowns.

The larger the fountain the more maintenance it requires.  Many issues can be avoided with the correct installation. Outdoor installs often need to be pre-wired underground. You may do it yourself, but unless you are a professional electrician, it is better to hire a licensed professional.

these structures will also need filters and liners if they are part of a pond. Plumbers are experts who can help with this installation. Routine maintenance is important and once these materials are installed, daily servicing becomes easy.

For those with an extremely tight schedule, you may consider the option of a solar-powered fountain. They are environmentally friendly and cause no pollution at all. Smaller fountains can provide the same ambiance, music or lights as the bigger ones. Tiered fountains can be placed practically anywhere.

The biggest maintenance issue for a solar fountain is simply making sure there is enough water in the structure. They are not hooked up to any water source; solar fountains simply recycle their own water for continuous use. Evaporation is a continuous process and hence you must make sure that you check the water supply at least once a week or else it could cause serious damage to the pump that is beyond repair.