Garden oil torches

Electric lights can sometimes seem harsh; most won't match the soft atmospheric feel of real embers. Oil torches can create this cosy feeling in your garden without being too expensive. Ideal for lighting a walkway post torches can be purchased in a choice of sizes. These can be fixed into the ground anywhere, meaning they are very versatile. Burning oil means you do not need to have access to electricity making these types of lights convenient for anyone. If you have decking or a paved area you can still use these torches as bases are purchasable. Candles are small and effortlessly repositioned, however the wick burns out quickly. An alternative to wax candles are table oil lamps. These create a luxurious quality that candles don’t; they are also equipped with a safety mechanism so the oil does not spill out and continue to burn if the lamp is knocked over.

Wall lights

Most outdoor spaces require some sort of wall light for safety reasons, however there is nothing to say they can't be ornamental and fashionable as well as being functional. There are a wide choice of wall lights to choose from, if you like modernistic designs you may appreciate a light like the infinity cube; made from hand-crafted laminated glass this cube emits light in an extremely special way. In contrast, for people that adore traditional designs you could get hanging wall lights that look like they are right out of a costume drama television programme with an indented glass effect and an aged finish.

Free standing lamps

With beautiful free standing lamps you're able to continue your interior design outside. You'd be surprised at the range of amazing designs purchasable from light up cube seating to basket weave lights that bring a sense of Spanish culture. You don't have to worry about complex electrical work with these plug & play lights, all you need is an outdoor socket. If you do not have an outdoor socket, get assistance from a trained electrician before purchasing.

Decking lights

If you have spent lots of hard earned cash on garden decking you'll want your lights to be of an equally high quality. LED decking lights are perfect for decked areas as they can be positioned flush with the ground enabling them to merge with the floor. These lights are fine to walk on, even in bare feet as they do not produce any heat. If you have a balustrade around your deck you might want to consider lighting that is built into the corner posts. These are discrete when switched off but create a stylish look when on.

When you're searching for garden lighting there's a never-ending choice of shapes and designs, most of which are available in a choice of colours and materials. First thing you should do is consider your space and establish what areas you need to illuminate. When you know what sort of products will meet your needs you can then go and explore the shops for the exact design you want.