Garden Paving

The great advantage garden paving has over decking is that it can be used to create a pathway through larger gardens providing scenic walkways through your trees, flowers and bushes.  It can also be laid quite cheaply by someone with little or no experience.  To create a walkway through your garden, for example, you could choose from a number of different shapes, such as: hexagonal, square, round etc.  The colours of paving slabs are numerous too.  You could choose from oranges, browns, greys, reds and greens.   Depending on the look you’re going for you could choose to mix and match different colours and shapes and create a sort of “Alice in Wonderland” effect. 

Alice in Wonderland effect!
Flagstone Paving

Create Great Points of Interest in the Garden

Paving stones are also great for when people want to talk a walk through your garden without fear of trampling over plants or walking muck back into your home.  If your garden is large enough and if you have regular garden parties you could make different sections for seating areas and join them up with pathways, giving your guests the chance to stroll around at their leisure whilst enjoying the beauty of your rosebushes, apple trees, fountains or whatever features your garden possesses.

Paving Pathway

Garden Decking

Garden decking areas give people the perfect settings for outside informal dining.  Whether it’s a few beers on a balmy summer evening or a Sunday barbecue decking provides a robust surface that’s beautiful to look at.     

One of the main advantages garden decking has over garden paving is that it can be raised to any height quite cheaply, which may suit houses that have gardens with severe slopes.  If the deck is attached to the home it will be a lot easier to support it when raised high.  Decks can also be placed at the end of the garden, away from the house, and these are known as “freestanding” decks. 


Freestanding Decking Area

Storage & Maintenance

Raised decks can also have storage space underneath, which is great for people short on space.  So whether it’s your fold up loungers, deck chairs and tables etc. everything can be tucked away neatly and quickly and prevented from getting damaged from the elements.

The one main drawback with decking is that they do require a lot more maintenance than garden paving.  To keep decking looking its best a combination of wood preservatives and oils should be regularly applied and every several years a coat of varnish should be applied.  If you got into the habit of doing this at the end of every summer you’d have a garden decking area that would look fantastic for years to come.

Garden Decking Maintenance