A house looks appealing, if lush arrangements are made from outside the door. You could stylize your driveway, placing a trail of luminaries, and install a gate with intricate patterns. Both details are okay, but something's still amiss. Your garden must be styled as a paradise-like feast for the eyes. Such an arrangement needs the garden's basic units for organization – garden planters.

What is a Garden Planter?

A garden planter is an encasement made for organizing garden plants and blooms. It is built from rocks, concrete, wood, plants, marble, and other sturdy materials. A planter works like a plant pot, in which layers of soil are placed inside the boundary. Shrubs and flowering plants are then planted in the soil, until a fine-looking collection is arranged. Knowing which plants go well together is necessary, if you are to assemble a stylish arrangement. The garden planter, itself, is a subject of landscaping design. It is ideally placed in a visible corner, so passersby can appreciate its beauty.

Types of Garden Planters

There are a number of garden planter types available, depending on your garden's overall theme. Wooden garden planters are the most popular, since the feel and color of wood creates a natural setting, making your garden look organic and contemporary at the same time. Marble planters are perfect for mansions and luxurious homes, given the grandeur they exude. Large garden planters are for properties with spacious gardens, while garden seed planters are built for seedlings and small plants. Clearly, there is a garden planter for every garden and home exterior theme. To know all the possible appearances of planters, you can visit gardening websites.

Supplementary Decorations

Garden planters look grand, especially the ones that are well-styled, but they are not enough to totally beautify an expanse as large as a garden. You need other fixtures and details to complete the theme, particularly those that teem with the planters' appearance and plant arrangements. The number of possible supplementary decorations is endless. Just let your creativity hustle and bustle. To give you an idea, here are some of the more popular garden decor:

· Garden Arch – Every picturesque setting needs an official entrance. The garden arch is your garden's answer to the beach's shoreline and the five-star hotel's majestic lobby. Marked with intricate patterns, a grand garden arch is affixed to welcome guests into your garden. Slightly smaller and less pronounced arches are placed along the area's other regions, making your garden a gorgeous resource for welcomes. Just make sure all of the regions are actually worth the welcomes.

· Garden Sheds – Large gardens have walkways, which take you to the various sections of the area. Garden sheds are installed in some parts of the path, making you sure that you have shelter whenever rainstorms appear. The shed, unlike normal waiting sheds, are stylized. They should match the theme of your garden; otherwise they will look like eyesores.

· Garden Pond – Gardens that are styled to look like elegant marshes often have garden ponds. The pool of water adds a natural and creative touch to the area. Include colorful goldfish and other attractive water-based creatures to create a lovely ecosystem. You can add a water recycling mechanism in the pond, so you don't need to constantly change the water, but installing such a device is both pricey and tedious.

· Garden Building – Garden buildings and tall artistic fixtures are set in strategic areas of large gardens, adding a lot of intricacy and artistry to the area. You don't need a lot of them, since design overkill is the last thing that you would want. Just place one for every large open area. The large fixtures will teem with your garden's components, creating a visual buffet of complementing details.

· Garden Fountain – Most luxurious gardens contain several fountains. The marble-based device adds a lot of elegance and beauty to your garden, as its features blend well with most themes. The element of water, being present in forests, adds a lovely touch. You could install one or two marble fountains at the entrance of your garden, behind the garden arch, and then scatter several more in select locations.

· Garden Benches – What's the point of designing your garden, if you don't have a place to sit and marvel at its beauty? At least a few benches must be installed at strategic locations of your garden. After walking around the area for awhile, you can have leisurely time at any of the benches, where you can catch several daydreams and merge them with the details of your garden. You can even paint if you're quite the artist.

The Garden is a Canvas

Garden planters, along with a wonderful array of supplementary decorations, make your garden as pretty as a postcard. Just prepare a blueprint for the design, so every piece can be bought and installed, properly. If you have trouble designing your garden, you can always work with a landscape artist. Remember, your garden is a canvas.