Make the most of your garden with some garden seats

Spend more time outside - get a chair!

Garden lounger(49071)Credit: Amanda Rudkin

One of the easiest ways to enjoy your garden more is to get some garden seats. Having a place to sit will let you spend more time in your garden and encourage you to relax outdoors. There are also several options available to you depending on how much space you have to use in your garden and how people you want to cater for.

Garden benches
Simplest of all and catering for many is the good old garden bench. If you look after it well it can last you years and years and their natural wood aesthetic will let them merge into your garden landscape. Versatile, a good wooden bench will provide a great spot for some reading, an excellent view point to observe your garden labours or as a spot to sit and chat with a friend. You can keep them as they are, or if you are planning to spend quite a bit of time on it, you might also want to get some bench cushions to prevent a numb bum.

Garden chairs
More often than not, garden chairs come as part of a furniture set - but not always. Depending on what you are looking for you can buy them individually as well. For example, if you are not after a table, a few stackable plastic chairs is an inexpensive way to quickly add some seating to your garden. Otherwise, a bistro set is a popular option, consisting of two chairs and a small table, making it excellent for a spot of al fresco dining. If you need room for more people, then a furniture set is more up your alley, with anything from 3 to 8 seats, a table and perhaps a parasol too.

Swing Seats
Ahh, a good old swing seat is the best way to chill out in the garden. As the name implies, you can sit back and swing away the afternoon, rocking in the breeze. Find a sweet sunspot or put one on your patio and you immediately have a relaxing oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Garden loungers
If your aim is to become fully horizontal so that you can sunbathe the days away to a healthy looking tan, your best bet is a garden lounger. Many loungers are adjustable, so you can also use them as standard chairs and then at the flick of a switch you can be laying back basking in the glorious summer sunshine.

Spending time outside is beneficial for mental and physical well-being and the easiest way to tap into your garden is with a few garden seats. Have a think about the room you have and the number of people you need to look after, then just consider how chilled out you want to be!