Garden Statue Sculpture is a way to transform any outdoor living area, and can be done in much different way.  Statues of children will bring a sense of playfulness or innocence to the yard.  Use of animals can impart whimsy or fun depending on what is used.  Fountain sculptures can introduce motion, and bring wildlife into the garden.  Let’s explore some choices.

Garden Statue Sculpture of Dog Drinking

Dog Garden Statue Sculpture

With a piece like this, you bring an element of water into your garden.   The calming sounds of the fountain are perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work.  The water will also bring birds and other wildlife into your garden for an extra touch of nature.  The whimsical look of the dog will bring a smile to yours and your guest’s faces.

Children Laying In Grass Garden Statue Scuplture

Children Laying In The Grass

These children statues will add a sense of innocence to the landscape and help bring you back to your childhood and that time of innocence.

Garden Statue Sculpture of Two Herons

Herons Standing In The Yard

Different animals have different meanings in different cultures.  The heron signifies patience, purity, strength and long life in China, while in Africa it is thought to talk to the Gods.  The lion in Africa symbolizes protection, strategy and watchfulness, while in astrology it is given the attributes of passion and generosity.  Put an statue in your yard with those virtues that you wanted to be reminded of, or to acquire.

Garden Statue Sculpture of Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs Playing

This fun animal statue introduces playfulness into the yard.  You can put it out in the open, or in a hidden corner so it is revealed as a person strolls through the yard, to bring a smile to their face,

Garden Statue Sculpture Roller Skate Doorstop

Roller Skate Doorstop

Use a doorstop as both a functional and an attractive piece.  This roller skate doorstop or the one you pick out can show your interests or hobbies.  You can also use something that you have found on your travels, reminding you of a favorite place you visited, and therefore also being useful as a conversation starter.

Garden Statue Sculpture of Stones

Stone Sculpture

This stone piece is something you can do yourself, or you can find by a local artist.  If you do it yourself, try picking stones from several different places in your life.  Make a garden statue sculpture a life project, adding to it as you find objects that speak to you when you are at the beach or hiking at a favorite trail.  The possibilities are endless if you are building this yourself. 

Garden Statue Sculpture Fountain


A fountain in the yard is also a nice piece to have, whether a fun piece like the dog fountain mentioned earlier, or this more formal or ornate piece, pick one that matches your style and the style of your garden or yard. 

Whether you pick one of these art pieces or make one of your own, you will find a Garden Statue Sculpture to be a nice addition to your yard and your life.  Picking pieces to remind you of certain things, events or feelings in your live that you want to remember will help you to make your yard more individualistic and something special to you and your family.