You take a good look around your yard, and there are some toys here and there, and those cushions from the patio set are wet from last nights rain and you just sigh. You want to have a orderly and clean backyard, but how? Consider a garden storage bench. This is great outdoor storage bench that can hold those kids toys or those cushions from the patio and yet offer seating.

If you have a quick place you can toss these things, especially when it is about to rain, this just makes life easier. You may already have a garden shed, but that has the lawnmower in it and a few dirty tools, you really don't want to have to run the length of the yard to store those cushions or kids toys or whatever you have around that needs a home in the rain. The other choice is throwing everything in the house, which is a pain too.

So, why not consider a garden storage bench?. You can get these in different materials. There are resin ones that look like faux wood. These are pretty tough to the weather, and will seat two adults comfortably if you need extra seating.

On the patio this can be a great bonus, as seating is always an issue. So, instead of just a garden storage benchstorage box, shed or those lockers, make this garden storage bench work double time. You can get these at most home improvement stores, but you can also get them online with Amazon. Step2 Outdoor Storage Bench (pictured)

It doesn't hurt to shop around. If you want something a bit more "uptown" then you can get cedar or wooden outdoor storage benches that would go more with your decor or patio set. You can get cushions for these garden storage benches, and this would make great extra seating that also fits in with your "wood" setup and decor. If you have a wood deck and you want this storage to match, then consider a wooden outdoor storage bench in cedar or pine.

The only thing you have to remember, with these wooden storage benches, is that the wood may need to be treated, if you are planning on leaving it out all year. A wood garden storage bench, does run the risk of rotting over time. You may need to stain it or varnish it each year.

The choice is yours. If you are looking more for utility and simply a good place to store the cushions and accessories for your patio, that you don't have to treat, consider the resin one, as it is tough and is built to last. You can get them in different styles and patterns. They are washable, you can even just hose them down, and yet they can store all your patio accessories. They are good around the pool area too.

You could actually get a couple of these. One for the patio, setup in such a way that you can easily store your accessories, and cushions, or even your placemats and plastic wear, and the second one for out in the yard, for the kids to sit on, and to store their outdoor toys when they are done.

It makes for a quick pickup, if you are having guests over. When there is a place for everything, it just makes thing easier when it is time to clean up.

So, if you are sick of running in and out of the house to store your patio cushions, pillows and accessories from the rain or weather, and could use some extra seating, then consider a garden storage bench this year.

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