Garden Tool Rack:- Space Saving, Convenient and Safe

Garden Tool Rack Benefits

A garden tool rack or organizer can be very useful. Garden tool racks will not only save you space and keep you garage or shed tidy, but will also help you find you tools quickly (a place for everything and everything in its place) and may prevent accidents. Garden tool racks for your garage may be wall mounted, free standing or designed to fit into a corner. If you are into DIY you can build a garden tool rack, as it is easy to draw up your own garden tool rack plans.

Garden Tool Rack Types

There are three main types of garden tool rack:-

1)Wall Mounted Garden Tool Rack

When purchased these are usually made from metal such as coated steel. They will have a number of hooks and baskets to organize large and small tools. It may be one or two tier. If you have the skills, tools and some spare lumber it would be quite easy to design and build your own wall mounted garden tool rack. The big advantage of a DIY garden tool rack is that you can custom design it to suit your tools and the space you have available.

2)Corner Garden Tool Rack

Corner garden tool racks sit on the floor in the corner of your garage or shed. They are triangular shaped, there is a base with a number of slots to receive the handles of your garden tools, then there are three struts in each corner leading to the top which has slots which correspond to the slots in the base. Tools may then be fed through the slots in the top and into the corresponding slots in the base. The triangular design allows it to sit and be secured into the corner of your garage or shed. Building your own corner rack will be more challenging than a wall mounted rack, mainly due to the need to accurately saw a number of slots for the base and the top. You will definitely need good tools and skills.

3)Free Standing Garden Tool Rack

If you have a new garage or shed you may not wish to mark your walls with a mounted or corner garden tool rack, in which case you will need a free standing rack. Typically this is similar in design to the corner rack as described above but square (usually approximately 2 feet by 2feet).  If you are building your own free standing garden tool rack it will clearly have to be sturdy enough to stand alone and hold all of your garden tools. This extra robustness and weight is probably why they are more expensive than other racks. For the ultimate in flexibility and convenience its also possible to buy a free standing rack fitted with castors.

Garden Tool Rack Prices

If you are making your own rack the only costs will be lumber, nails and your time. However the lumber does not have to be high quality, nobody will mind if it looks a little rustic, its certainly a case of function over form. If you are a keen DIY'er you are quite likely to have suitable spare bits of wood to hand. If you are buying a rack you should expect to pay anything from approximately $10 for a simple, small wall mounted rack to nearly $200 for a top of the range, large and extra sturdy rack.

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