Garden Treasures outdoor patio furniture replacement foot glides can be a great way to make your outside furnishings last a little longer and stay useful for a much longer period of time.  The main problem is that replacement parts for patio swings, outdoor chairs and tables are hard to find and locate when you need them.  This can make it very difficult to make repairs to them and keep them looking great for years to come.  In this article, I’d like to share some information about where you can find these parts, why you might need them, and what you can do if you simply cannot find them at stores in your area or online.  When you shop for almost anything, it generally pays off when you take the time to learn about the merchandise.

Where to Buy Replacement Parts for Garden Treasures Patio Furniture

There are only a few places that carry the actual parts for this type outdoor furnishings, which can make it very hard to locate the items you need for sale, to make the needed repairs.  Check out some of the locations below to see if they have the foot glides you need for your porch swing or lawn chairs.  Keep in mind that you might have additional options in your local area.  It might pay to make a few phone calls to see what you can find.

Lowes:  Lowes is one of the authorized retailers for Garden Treasures outdoor furniture, so you can generally find some replacement parts from them.  If there isn’t a Lowes Home Improvement Store in your area, you can always shop with them online and search for the good deals.   If you have a Lowes in your area, take a look and see if they have the parts you need to make the repairs you want to make.

Major Retailers:  Many major retailers sell outdoor furniture, even if it’s not by the exact same manufacturer.  You might be able to find one in your area which does sell this brand and get the replacement parts you need, including the foot glides, to make your porch swing or chairs look and work great once again.  Repairing is a much cheaper option, so it makes perfect sense to explore it.

Direct:  Garden Treasures doesn’t sell to customers directly, but they can help lead you in the right direction of authorized retailers in your area.  Contact them directly from their online website and let them know exactly what you need and they can let you know where you should go to buy garden treasure replacement foot glides and other parts you might need.  Even if there are no local options, there are bound to be online options.

Why Replacement Foot Glides for Garden Treasures Furniture Make Sense

Do you really need them?  Maybe not, but if yours are worn out and not doing their job, it would be a great idea to replace them and keep the furniture looking like new and functioning as it should.  The following are the reasons you should replace them as they wear out, which will happen over time.

Saves Your Deck Surface:  This is the most important reason you will want to replace them.  If they are worn out, when you go to move the patio furniture around, it will scratch up the deck and make it look bad.  In addition, it will just be harder to move around, since you’ll have it snag up and catch nails, wood slivers, and everything else, rather than just glide across the surface.  This is probably the biggest reason to replace them when they are worn out and not working properly.  When you consider how cheap they are to buy, there’s really no reason not to make the repairs as they come along.  It’s a great way to keep your furniture and your deck surface looking great for many years to come.

Keeps Proper Balance:  If one of the foot glides is broken and you don’t replace it, you will have an off kilter chair or porch swing, which can be hard on your back.  It could rock a little back and forth, which has some additional dangers as well.  You need to use caution on any furniture which is off balance, since it reduces the risk of injury and tipping.

Alternatives to Consider

As with any product, there are some alternatives you might want to consider as you shop around and look for them.  Luckily, there are a few things you can do if you cannot locate the real Garden Treasures patio furniture foot glides you need. 

From Other Makers:  If you cannot find the original, you might find the glides for other patio furniture makers, which could work for your Garden Treasures furniture.  You will have to check carefully and make sure they will stay properly.  If needed, a spot of glue just might do the trick and make them work out okay for your needs.  Since many manufacturers use very similar specifications to build their furnishings, you have a good chance of finding something to work properly.

Felt Pads:  As long as the glides aren’t broken through on the bottom, exposing the steel or metal tubing, you can use felt pads to help increase their lifespan.  While this isn’t perfect, it will help to reduce scratching to your deck flooring and will help the porch swings slide across the flooring easier.  It’s worth checking out to see if it will work and it will be a very cheap alternative to consider.

Other Gliders:  Moving gliders, made for heavy item, might work out okay in a pinch, but they will also have a hard time sticking to the flooring surface, so you’ll need to be careful when you sit down.  You can also find the hard plastic button type glides at many stores, which could work out in a pinch as Garden Treasures outdoor patio furniture replacement foot glides.