On Your Patio Or At The Beach There Is A Special Umbrella For You
Garden UmbrellaCredit: Amazon
Garden umbrellas may be more commonly known as patio or backyard umbrellas to many homeowners but actually the term can help to clarify the various types of umbrellas designed to shade large areas. At home a large folding umbrella might be used to shade a table or a few chairs or the barbecue area. While at the beach or on a picnic you might use a large sun umbrella that is portable and designed to be quickly erected close to the ground to protect you from sun and wind.

Over the years as homeowners have made great use of their patios and decks or other backyard  areas, while always aware of the dangers of over exposure to the sun's rays, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to produce umbrellas to suit different situations. Today you can easily find rectangular, round, square, tilting, offset and other types of garden umbrellas. In this article we will investigate a few of the different styles that have become so popular.

One of the most confusing styles is the market umbrella. This is actually more of an umbrella manufactures term than a customers term. Basically it describes a style that originated most likely in Europe, probably Italy, where street vendors and sellers who offered their products outdoors used a rectangle umbrella of sorts to offer shade. These umbrellas developed into many unique shapes over the years. Today it is likely a term used to describe an umbrella made to stand on it's own in a small supporting stand. However these can also be placed in umbrella tables.

Does your yard mimic a tropical paradise or do you find yourself longing to be back on the beach in FloriThatched Garden UmbrellaCredit: Amazonda where those thatched huts and umbrellas offered such pleasant hours of lounging? Fear not. There is an umbrella designed just for you. Bayside offers an 8' Wood Hula Thatch model that offers 50 square feet of tropical themed shade. It is supported on an 1.25 inch hardwood pole and is supported with 16 fiberglass ribs. The manufacturer describes this umbrella as serviceable for both personal or commercial purposes. Add some black sand and drinks served in coconuts and you will began to believe you are on the big island in Hawaii.

The tilting patio umbrella has long found favor for it's ability to be tilted in several differTilt Garden UmbrellaCredit: Amazonent positions to follow the sun's progress during the day. These umbrellas feature a crank mechanism which makes it a breeze to adjust. Various manufacturers are using fabrics that are claimed to have up to 90% UV block. These fabrics are easily cleaned with a garden hose or if heavily soiled a little added soap will quickly bring back the color. Fabrics are also claimed to be mold and mildew resistant. You will appreciate the cool temperature underneath the protection of these tilting models.

Now that you have chosen your favorite umbrella why not add a specially designed table to complete the setting. You can find just the right umbrella patio table in a style to suit your patio or deck. Among the most popular are the cast aluminum models because of their low maintenance and beauty. Cast aluminum is stronger than standard aluminum while much lighter than cast or welded steel.

These patio tables are fitted with the proper hole to support your garden umbrellas and provide plenty of room for serving meals or drinks or just providing space for a friendly card or board game. These tables are available in rectangular, square, round or hexagonal shapes and will serve for many years even if left to the weather year round. Uncoated aluminum will oxidize however causing it to turn to a darker grayish color. To keep it new and attractive longer it should be stored indoors or covered in Northern climates.

One happy customer had this to say about her slatted aluminum table:

"This table is lightweight, but sturdy. It's also quick and easy to put together. I was initially hesitant about the 'slat' design and everything falling through. Nothing really falls through except for knives. But a place mat quickly takes care of that. It's super easy to clean with just a wipe of a damp cloth. For a lower-end priced table, the quality is more than I expected".

Customer reviews are one of the best methods to find good and bad qualities about garden umbrellas or any patio furniture or other items you may decide to buy on line. A few minutes reviewing these comments will allow you to purchase with confidence. Of course any reputable business such as Amazon offers very lenient return policies making your purchase fully protected.

Garden Umbrella Stands Available In Many Designs And Materials

If you need support for your garden umbrella but are not ready for a umbrella table or wish to support your umbrella in the style of the market umbrellas you have plenty of choices. Modern umbrella stands are a reflection of many different materials. From simple hollow  resin models that are filled with sand or water to give them enough weight to support those large umbrellas in the wind through models available in cast aluminum, bronze, cast iron and cast stone. These stands can be used under umbrella tables or placed by themselves in any area where you decide to raise your umbrella.

Add A Little Light To Your Garden Umbrella

For the ultimate in decorative garden decoration look in Amazon under lights for patio uGarden Umbrella LightsCredit: Amazonmbrella. You will be amazed at the many designs and colorful styles that manufactures have developed. From lights placed in the umbrella stands that shine upwards casting a glow to the underside of the canopy to under canopy flood lights that will brighten your table or other area. Mini led light strands can be added along the ribs of the canopy either under or over it adding a carnival  atmosphere to any outdoor area.

No discussion of garden umbrellas would be complete without mentioning the sun umbrella. These specialty umbrellas can be found on almost any sunny beach.   They are usually very colorful and although they can be used in in an upright position by simply pushing the support pole into the soft sand it is not unusual to see them placed with their edge on the ground to offer some relief from wind as well as sun of blown sand.

Whether you search for  garden umbrellas, patio umbrellas, market umbrellas, or sun umbrellas, you have a wide choice of styles and price ranges. Now you can enjoy the outdoors without the fear of being exposed to too many of those glorious summer rays.