Probably the most popular and expensive kind of garden fountains for outdoors is a waterfall fountain. Waterfalls sound so peaceful, and they fit in quite eloquently with any flower garden that you have displayed on your lawn. If you got a big garden, beautiful deck, or patio, then why not add a waterfall appearance to it? Your landscape might be missing the perfect touch to give that exquisite look to your home. Garden water fountains for outdoors can make an ordinary landscape look exclusive and unique. Waterfall fountains come in different basins, and are made with different materials. There are also some simple and small stand alone fountains that you can add to your lawn. Or you can setup an easy waterfall in your pond. There are big, small, and even cheap waterfall fountains that you can choose for your landscape. Down below are some of the different kinds of outdoor waterfall fountains available.


Cheap  Garden Waterfall Fountains


If you had something small and practical in mind the Astonica Outdoor Garden Water Fountain 4 Tier with a water pump and lights doesn't cost too much. Most  popular waterfall fountains feature a three tier, but this one comes with a four. It's an old fashion polyresin barrel design stand alone waterfall fountain. It's not too spacious. The waterfall fountain can look very pretty and peaceful at night with its LED lights that are featured on the bottom. It would look good on patios, decks, and gardens. It wouldn't look bad in middle of your landscape even.

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Rock Garden Waterfall Fountains

No waterfall fountain looks as authentic and natural as rock. Well, stand alone aren't actually  made of real rock naturally. They usually feature a fiberglass construction to prevent cracking, and corrosion that's design like a cascade rock. Fiberglass is pretty expensive, but it's probably the most popular since its durable and can be used in any kind of climate. A really popular rock fountain being sold is the Alpine Water Fountain. A water pump is included along with LED lights for night time.
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If you want something a little cheap, then the Essential Garden 3-Tier Rock Waterfall Fountain can also provide a bit of a decorative aspect to gardens, flower beds, patios, and decks outdoors. It's not too big and doesn't take up that much room. It wouldn't make for a bad entrance fountain for your home. 100% glass reinforced cement is used. It's very durable for variety of different climates.



Make Your Own Garden Waterfall Fountains

If you have a small pond, then you could just make your very own garden waterfall fountain. Even if  you don't have a pond you could always create a small one if you have the space, and tools to make one. Ponds look nice next to gardens. You'll need to buy a pond liner first if you want to make one. Most pool liners can set up about a two foot pond in diameter.

Setting up your own waterfall fountain isn't too hard, and it doesn't cost too much money. First thing you'll need is a waterfall weir to filter the water. You can find quite a few of them being sold online at amazon for around $100 dollars. Then you'll need a good water pump to keep the water circulating, and flowing out of the weir. Then you'll need to buy some cascade rocks surrounding the weir. It's a good idea  to put rocks below the weir so the water can flow on top of the rocks giving it that authentic look. You'll need might need to experiment a bit with the placement of the rocks to give a natural and authentic fall. If you're not completely sure on what to get and how to set it up, then you can just buy an entire kit of what you'll need. For example you can checkout the Beckett Rock Look Pond Waterfall Kit if you have a bigger pond. It comes with everything you'll need to set up a waterfall in your pond.

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