Your indoor areas are not the only places for you to have fun in your home. Kicking back in a beautiful landscaped garden can just be as relaxing as chilling in a big spacious living room with tasteful furnishings.

A manicured garden can transport you into another place with the right design ingredient . A good fusion of plants and greenery, or just the right blend of flowers in big decorative pots, statuaries and mini archways lets your imagination take you away from just being home. One major design element people want in their garden is a pool or some kind of mini man-made water feature like a fountain or a Koi pond. These water features are dandy focal points of any garden and although they may look attractive and inviting during the daytime, they simply just lay there in the dark unappreciated at night especially without any sort of lighting.

With the proper landscape lighting fixtures , you can transform these water features into a beautiful centerpiece of your garden at night. Guests will totally be in awe with experience being surrounded by greenery and a glowing pool of water perfectly illuminated to give off a nice mood . If you're building a water feature in your garden, maybe you'd like to add a little more flair to it with some lighting?

Landscape lights come in many types and designs. It is best to assess your garden space and the location of your water features. Only then can you determine which type of lighting is best to illuminate its design features. There are uplights and downlights, and each give a different mood and effect.

Should you want to put in a fountain, a submersible light will do a good job to highlight it. These types of lights are placed just below the surface of the water. From the basin, point the light upward towards the body of the fountain to create a shimmering effect on the water. It will also nicely enhance the streams of water pouring into the basin. Color filters usually come with submersible lighting fixtures and you can kick around with these to add a sprightly feel to your space.

Some custom made fountains have lights incorporated into its design so the light is not conspicuous while other man-made water features are designed to require over head lighting to create its own drama.

The market offers so many great picks for whatever lighting requirements to fit your design and your style. But, do remember that even the most perfect lighting fixture may not draw out the perfect effect your looking for. Sometimes, it is worth paying for professional advice to advise you on techniques. Clever placements of lights and the use of the proper lighting fixtures give you perfect results. A landscape project will demand time and planning. Before embarking on this, you many want to use your old reliable flashlights to kind of kick around in your garden to give you a basic idea of how things may look like. Futz around on different locations at night to see which places are best for your water elements.

You may want these water features to be a focal point or you may want them to just lend a calming effect to your garden if there is another feature you would want to emphasize in your yard. A little research, some planning and a cup o' joe with a professional can reap good rewards along the way of your project.