Garden spades are an important tool for the serious gardener.  Finding the right spade: durable, with a comfortable grip, appropriate handle shape, and with well-formed edges helps make the experience of gardening as enjoyable as possible.

There are many modern ergonomic garden spade designs that can help keep your garden tidy. A garden spade is a broad flat blade with either straight or curved edges that are very sharp, often with a wooden handle. The common uses of garden spades are to dig up plants and to transplant them, to mix compost, and to plow soil. There are also plastic garden spades that can be used to dig sand castles on the beach, for example. The ideal materials for garden spades are stainless steel for heads and fiber glass or hard wood for handles.

A durable and high quality garden spade is an essential tool for gardening. Garden spades have either a T and D shaped handle. Most consumers choose the D shape handle because it is stronger and allows the spade to easily be used in multiple ways. T shaped handles are good for getting the blade into the earch and mixing up soil, but not as idea for lifting. There are also two types of garden spades that you should be familiar with: border garden spades and digging garden spades. A digging garden spade is broader than the border garden spade. Both types are popular and can be used for different purposes.

If you want to grow vegetables, fruit trees, or other plants you will be using your gardening tools for a long time, so make sure you spend your money on premium quality spades only. Spear & Jackson, Craftsman and Clarington have a wide selection of garden spades that you could choose from; the prices vary from $22 to $63. If you have the appropriate tools for gardening, you and your friends will be amazed how your garden plants will grow and how beautiful it will look.

You should also take care of your garden spades, just like with any other gardening tools, in order to extend their lifespan and maintain their quality. You should clean them after each use and keep them in a proper storage place. You may apply oil to prevent tarnish. You can use a wire brush to eliminate rust, if needed.

You can buy garden spades at any local garden shop or garden center, as well as from online gardening shops.