Gardening for Beginners

Gardening is not new amongst people who appreciate crafGardening 101t and art. It is considered a craft because just like any masterpiece one must work it with a heart. Gardening is an art-it’s not just a work to fulfill a hobby or utilize your unused time; it’s a task that needs dedication, passion, and creativity.

Who started this avocation?

Gardening has a long history as to where this craft has started. The first ancient civilizations have long been practicing this as manifested in their relic’s just like with the Egyptian empire. But perhaps the most promising evidence of ancient gardening is the “Hanging Garden of Babylon” in Babylonia, Mesopotamia (the remains are now in the Babil, province of Iraq).This ancient garden is a renowned masterpiece of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

History has tracked down different styles of garden. We have the Persian gardens, Egyptian Gardens, Hellenistic and Roman gardens, Chinese and Japanese gardens and the European gardens. Each of it has different characteristics and styles in terms of design and ways as to know-how.

Nowadays, a lot of modern gardening styles were practiced in the community. Just like technology, it has evolved to adapt and to flow with the time. In Japan, most people live in a limited space in condominiums or apartments but still manage to garden in little pots hanging outside their pane. In India, many were interested, and have actually started the roof garden. Besides from decorative, this kind of gardening provides temperature control, hydrological benefits, and even food for the gardener.

But you don’t have to mimic any of these. You can make a garden of any style you want- a style that suits most of your personality. Just like any job-if you engage yourself in gardening it must speak your personality. Doing the things you like most are more satisfying than just imitating what your neighbors carry out. I remember my grandma once told me when I was 10 year old. She was cleaning her old little garden then when I noticed this woody cypress tree. She said that the cypress tree was as old as I am; she bought and planted it just right the day I was given birth. Then she pointed the bunch of roses and a bush of daffodil in front of us telling that those were as old as my younger brother and sister, and was also planted on their birthdays. She takes care of these flowers and plant just like the way she watch over us. Gardening, just like any stuff speaks of who you are.

Who can be gardeners, then?

Anybody can. It’s not just your grandma, or your aunt, or your mom, children are encouraged to start a garden too.  Anyone can start his little garden in his own little ways. You don’t need to have a hectare of land and a different species of flowers and trees. You can even start your own in a tiny pot inside your house or outside your windows. If you are really interested let me share you some steps on how to begin this craft.


  1. Choose a plant you would like to grow. Think of the plants you would like to have in your house. You can pick a flower, a vegetable, an herb, or a tree. In choosing the right plant, you must consider these two things; first you love this thing, and second make sure it grows in your place in most of the season. The first one is very important for you will be dealing with it in your most free time. You have to make sure that you’re happy every time you see your plant growing and making fruits. The latter is important, too so that you will not have a hard time in cultivating your plant. Plants could be annual, perennial or seasonal but these conditions are mostly affected by the weather of your place.
  2. Make a little research about your new buddy. If you have chosen a plant, make sure you know the important details of this little buddy. Check out the nearby local agricultural shop or you can go directly to a bookstore and tick the newest magazine about growing a plant. Or you can just check the web, everything is in there but just be careful to believe only with reliable sources. Check these facts about your plant- local and scientific name, its place of origin, its season (if the plant is seasonal), the kind of weather it suits to, soil adaptability, and its sensitivity. Not all plant grows in an instant. Each of them has unique ways on how to make them grow in their fullest form, so as a gardener you have all the responsibility to keep your plant alive at all cost.
  3. Prepare the bed. It’s not the bed that you are thinking-it’s a container or a place with soil. But please be careful. It’s not just an ordinary soil-it must be a good garden soil, fertile, loose, well-drained, has plenty of organic matter, and must be free of weeds. If your plant needs to start in a seed, you might need a seedbed. It could be a flower pot or any container with good garden soil and must be put in a place with proper ventilation and can be reached by the sunlight.
  4. Carefully plant your little buddies. If it’s a seed, make sure to bury it with just the right deep and with correct arrangement. Make sure that it can grow properly.
  5. Take care of your plant. They’re now yours and their life solely depend on you. A plant has 5 basic needs- good soil, water, sunlight, air and proper care. Your plant reflects on how much time and dedication you have envelope onto it. And the feeling will be great seeing your plant growing and getting bigger every day. It could be a start for you to extend this art more to invest in a greater opportunity in the industry of gardening.

 Gardening is more than a hobby or a past time leisure. There are many reasons why many people engage with it. You might add one someday if you start now.