Over the past few months I have written many gardening articles for you to help you get the most out of your landscape. My articles cover everything from birds to micro-climates. I thought that I would list them here for you so that you could know what I have to offer. I hope that are informative to you and that you find what you are looking for in this list. I will be adding more to it in the future. Just click on pwarlick above and it will take you to these and other interesting articles.

1. How to Attract Birds to Your Garden: This article is cocked full of tips to get the birds you want to come to your garden and stay.

2. How Ladybugs Benefit Your Garden: Ladybugs are cute and adorable, but more than that they provide many benefits. This article tells you how to attract them, and what they can do for you.

3. How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden: Butterflies are just plain beautiful. They give your garden a sense of mystic. Here you can learn what you need to do to make them come to your home.

4. How to Plant Bulbs in the Fall for a Spring Show: Here I tell you everything you need to know about planting bulbs to have beautiful new flowers in the spring and year after year.

5. Tips for Buying, Growing, Storing, and Maintaining Bulbs: This article explains what to look for before you purchase your plants. It also will show you how to store and maintain them once you have made your purchase.

6. Fall is the Season for Planting Bulbs: This article shows why fall an important time of year to get those bulbs in the ground. It will give you an idea for when is the best week, and what is the best layout for the greatest results.

7. October Gardening for Perennials: In this article, I teach you want you need to do for your plants to insure their survival throughout the cold winter months.

8. Laws Concerning Plants: This article gives you the information that you need to find out if your allowed to plant certain plants in your area and why. It also gives you an idea of what plants you can remove. You should know that there are laws concerning transplanting plants to other states as well.

9. How to Transplant Plants from one Location to Another: This helpful guide demonstrates how to move plants from point A to B properly. There are different steps that you have to take if you transport your plants by car, moving van, bus, or airlines. Learn what is important here.

10. Using Micro-Climates as a Planting Guide: Your landscape design and structures on your property such as your home, shed, driveway, walkways, and even the paint color you choose creates micro-climates that affects your plants. Learn how to use these to your advantage.

11. What are Thrips?: If you don't know what they are then you should read this article, because they most definitely affect your garden.

12. Why Should I Add Lime to My Soil: Educate yourself on the benefits of adding lime to your soil to ensure healthy, thriving plants. Learn when not to add it too.

13. Knot Gardens: A Low Maintenance Treat: Have you ever planted a knot garden? Learn all about it in this article.

If you would like to see other gardening articles or advice just leave me a comment.