Anyone who has a garden would love a gardening gift. There are so many possibilities you can always find something for any friend who is into gardening. Gifts you can give include plants, books, seeds, bulbs and much more. Never be stuck for a gift again, for anybody with a garden.

Gardening gifts are unisex, they suit men and women equally, and they are not age specific either. You can find gardening gifts for $1 or you can spend $10,000 if you choose. Gardening gifts come in a wider range of prices than any other type of gift.

Gardening Gifts Over $1000

You cannot really spend this amount on a surprise gardening gift; you would need to discuss your friend's exact gardening needs. Gifts you could give include:

  • · A greenhouse, a gazebo or some other garden building. If you have this amount to spend it really will make a lifetime's difference to the recipient
  • Think about a shed, nobody can have too many sheds and a shed can never be too big
  • A garden room that your friend could use as an office would be the prince of gardening gifts.
  • An outside washroom is a fantastic gift for anyone who spends many hours in a muddy garden
  • Garden lighting would be a wonderful gardening gift. There are lots of different options, including solar powered lights, LEDs for decks and floodlights
  • You could pay for an electric power supply or a water supply for a potting shed
  • Maybe your friend has mobility problems, build a deck that projects right into the garden
  • Hard landscaping is another idea as a gardening gift. It is something that every gardener thinks about, then puts off because of the expense.
  • Tarmac is very expensive, but it doe enhance most gardens and drives

Gardening Gifts Over $100

Between $100 and $1000 there are literally thousands of gift ideas for gardeners:

  • Pay for a landscape contractor to suggest possible garden layouts, and perhaps to do some of the heavy work
  • Stone for a wall or rockery. Consult first, but stone walls and rockeries enhance any garden and most people will be able make use of a truck load of stone
  • A cushioned swing seat, perfect for reading on sunny days
  • Garden table and chairs. How else can you have a barbeque?
  • Binoculars so that your friend can see garden birds more clearly
  • A patio heater is very useful for chilly evenings
  • Gazebos and sheds start at $200 and go up to infinity, $600 will buy a good size model that your friend will enjoy for many years
  • Fencing, whether to replace old panels that have rotted, or to provide a new fence, will be an enthusiastically received gardening gift
  • Garden ornaments come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Sound out your friend's taste before you buy though; you do not want to buy large blue dragon's eggs if they would much rather have a concrete statue
  • A truckload of topsoil will always come in handy. A gardener cannot have to much soil, it can always be used to make a raised bed
  • 200 hedging plants to plant along that fence that is only going to last two more years

Gardening Gifts Over $10

There are millions of worthwhile gardening gifts available in the $10-$100 price range:

  • A tree, or two, or three. Trees are best planted in groups and garden centers will often five a discount if you buy 3 or more trees
  • Shrubs never go amiss, you cannot have too many shrubs. Choose a mixture of evergreen and deciduous shrubs as the perfect gardening gift. Avoid exotic varieties and choose native species that you have seen in neighbourhood gardens
  • An orchard that will produce fruit for generations to come is a wonderful gardening gift for anyone. Fruit trees are very reasonably priced and are available on dwarfing root-stock or as espalier trained specimens. If you are growing trees, you might as well grow fruit trees
  • Garden gnomes or other small ornaments
  • Books on particular aspects of gardening
  • Gifts of spring bulbs, or summer bulbs will always be appreciated
  • Tickets to nearby heritage gardens
  • Storage containers for compost, rock-salt or timber
  • Hose reel, with a top quality hose-pipe. Cheap hoses get flattened on reels and are useless
  • An outside tap, or a second tap at the bottom of the garden
  • Outside electric power outlet, no more extension leads out of the window
  • A wheelbarrow, buy a builders' barrow, they are much stronger

Gardening Gifts Over $1

    • You can buy ceramic plant pots in attractive colors for as little as $5
    • Buckets. A gardener cannot have too many buckets
    • Hanging baskets, the lining material and compost, ready assembled. Ready planted or ready to put together, whichever you prefer
    • Compost. Essential for any serious gardening
    • Bird feeders cost only a few dollars, yet give hours of pleasure
    • Gifts of seeds always go down well cost around $1 a packet
    • Bulbs come up every year, most will also naturalize, spread, giving more flowers every year
    • Seed trays for growing seeds in the spring

    Gardening Gifts That Cost Nothing

    Maybe you are unemployed and have no money to spend on gardening. Gifts need not cost any money at all though:

    • Time, offer to do particular jobs, from digging to painting a fence
    • Blackcurrant canes that you would be throwing away can be planted up and will be gratefully accepted by any enthusiastic gardener. Redcurrant sticks that you trim in the spring will also grow away very easily
    • Plant up old buckets with holes in with vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, winter salad or cut and come again lettuce. All of these grow well in containers
    • Save some seeds from your own garden. Antirrhinum, marigold, pea and runner bean seeds pop immediately to mind, but there are hundreds of other possibilities
    • Take cuttings from shrubs and grow them on to a reasonable size
    • Plant berries from skimmias or mountain ash trees, wait a few years and you will have a fair sized shrub or tree that will make a fine gardening gift