In my humble opinion "a garden is made for (wo)man and not the (wo)man for the garden". Which means I enjoy gardening as long as it is effortless and allows for plenty of time in the shade with a cool glass of something in my hand, enjoying the butterflies fluttering by. By now you have guessed already that I am a lazy gardener that prefers to enjoy her garden rather than to slave in it ;-) I have here assembled my best tips for lazy gardening to help you to make the best out off your precious time, cheers!

Planning is the mother of all time saving

Lets say you just moved into a new house and garden, investing a bit of time into planning how to tackle your gardening best will help in the long run. For example take a piece of paper and dot down the areas in your garden and which maintenance they require and than look how you can reduce the work load by planning and consolidating. I give you a couple of simple examples:

Lawn – needs to be mown regularly = easier when lawn is continuos rather than fragmented. Solution: Make sure lawn is in "one piece" and not interrupted by obstacles like fancy flower beds. The time you spend to re-sow lawn will be saved in the years to come by easier = speedier mowing.

Next example:

Flower beds – need regular weeding = avoid growing of weeds.

Solution: Use gravel or bark to cover soil and avoid so the growth of weed or use dense, soil covering plants to achieve the same. You save yourself a lot of back pain with this! Remember, "weeding causes back pain, laying in the sun alleviates it" ;-)

Go green and stand to it

Be environmental friendly and set (large) areas of your garden aside as a wildlife or butterfly zone. Put up a sign that says you and deny every suspicion that you do this only to safe yourself some work ;-) Sit in shade and enjoy butterflies, birds and the odd hedgehog walking by whilst everybody praises you for being such a green gardener.

Give work to the unemployed

Show social consciousness by employing somebody (neighbors son or daughter?) to do the worst of gardening for you. Just make sure that they know what you would like to have done and how, if not you might end up with your vegetables weeded and the weeds growing. Outsourcing your gardening will increase your social status (look, they can afford a gardener!) and your social esteem (look, they give work to others) Plus you will feel good, because your garden looks good - with minimum effort on your site.

Don't listen to your neighbors – or your in-laws

Remember, it is your garden, nobody has the right to tell you what to do and what not to do with it. If they still pester you, put up some funny signs like "Luna Lovegood planted this garden for me" or "Please don't step on the snails, they are a rare breed that is only found here." Be creative and enjoy your life in your garden. Being a lazy gardener doesn't mean being a bad gardener, just a different one.