Anyone who has planted flowers or vegetables for any length of time will agree that it is a pain in the back. Bending and stooping, on your hands and knees for hours will definitely take its toll. A work table used for potting your plants or preparing them for planting will shorten the time you spend bent over.

Work tables such as these, come in a variety of sizes. If you have the room, more than one with a Formica top is available. It is six feet long and will handle all your potting needs. The Formica top is stain resistant and clean up is very easy.

There are portable ones available that fold up for easy transport and set up out in the garden. These are especially useful as they can double for any outdoor picnics or parties you may have. With folding legs, you can store these almost anywhere, taking up very little room in a closet or garage.

If you do more indoor related gardening activities and have the room, a stationary work table may be just what you need. These are available with either a Formica top or you can choose a stainless steel one for a lifetime of use. These are much heavier duty and will require help to set up.

Finally, there are mobile ones available for the gardener on the go. These large wheeled carts can be loaded with your favorite plants and supplies in the garage, then wheeled out to the garden and move with you as you plant. This is very useful if you happen to have a large garden or yard.

Whether you have flower beds around your home, or a large garden in the back yard, there is a work table for you. Many sizes and styles are available for you to choose from at your local garden center or home improvement store. Sturdy, reliable and built for years of use, this is a sound investment for you and your back.