Introduction To Gardening

Gardening is a fantastic, healthy and educational way to help the environment, provide healthy snacks for you and your family and can be very relaxing and fun.


Methods Of Gardening

There are many types of gardening:

  1. Growing from seed
  2. Growing from young established herbs/vegetables
  3. Bag gardening (my Favorite)
  4. Green House Gardening


Measure The Target Area

Make sure to pre-measure the area you intend to make your garden.  You’ll need to plan for:

  • Drainage
  • Crop Growth
  • Length (x) Width (x) Height of total planned area



Use Good Compost

You need horse manure mixed with a good gardening soil for good growth.  I’ve had good experience with going to the small ma & pa shops to get organic growing materials and stay away from those big brand name stores which only provide weed infested, low-quality top soil.  You want something that has been strained with no other weeds or seeds from other plant varieties.  In other words, you want a clean top soil with no rocks, sticks or other foreign objects that don’t look like finely sifted dirt.


What Seeds Should You Use

Depending on which area of the world you live in (usually broken into zones), there should be guidelines for when it’s best to plant seeds and what part of the year is recommended.  Try looking it up online with your favorite search engine to find out which zone you live in and when the best time to garden is.


How To Get Rid Of Those Bugs

Hey, it’s only a matter of time until the buggies find your garden so you must equip yourself on the know how to manage good health of your crops by safely removing those bugs that will inevitably show up in your backyard garden.  One thing to invest in is ladybugs or beneficial nematodes.  Beneficial nematodes are microscopic organisms which act like your own dedicated army of troops who’s only job is to seek and destroy all those pests that tear up your freshly planted garden.  They are great and are a real green method of protecting your garden from pests.


Those Vegetables Look Good Enough To Eat

So, how do you know when it’s the right time to harvest and reap the rewards of all your hard work?  Well, it will take some time for you to familiarize yourself but after a season or two, you’ll be well on your way to really knowing when its best to pick those crops.



Why Gardening is Great for your Health and Relationships

Gardening is fun and easy, just like it has always been.  In a world that has evolved into an high-tech, fact paced, mindless society, one can always go to their backyard oasis and relax by gardening or reaping the rewards of your hard work.  Your spouse, significant other, children, friends, neighbors or even by yourself, you just can’t get that relaxed feeling of getting back in touch with nature and lowering your blood pressure and letting the worries of the day just slip away.  So turn off that T.V., throw your cell phone under a bed and go outside and get to gardening.  You’re mind, body and soul will thank you for it!


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