Children Gardening

In today’s busy hectic world, we are gradually making us distant from the nature. Be it a newly born or an elderly person, today’s stereotype life is taking a great toll on us. The deadliest brunt of this is life style diseases. The habit of gardening, right from the childhood, can be of a great help. Gardening   for  children  in  proper  way,  with  maximum  available  facilities,  should  be  provided. These little ones can also make this wonderful habit as a part of playing.

There are few tips which could be kept in mind while letting your child do gardening:

  • Care  should  be  taken  to  dress  the  surface  of  the  ground as  well  as  the  outside  area  of  the  garden  by  number  of  trees   of  seasonal  flowers.
  • There  are  various  types  of  sports  equipments  are  available  in the  market  for playing  by  the  children. These  may  be  placed  in  the  garden  in  proper  places  so  that  maximum  number  of  children  are  getting  facilities  of  playing. 
  • At  the  time  of  preparing  a  garden  for  children  it  should  be  kept  in  mind  that only  children play  in  the  garden  and  not  the  adult .
  •  At first, some  suitable  persons  can  be  detailed  to  prepare  the  garden  for playing  and  then  for  keeping  the  same  for  long.
  • One  responsible  person  to be  detailed  for  keeping   safety  of  the  children. 
  • It  is  very  difficult  to  maintain  a  garden  where  children  play. 
  • So  measures   should  be  taken  for  applying  various  effective  methods  to  keep  the  garden  ready for playing.  Regular observation is also needed for this purpose.
  • Apart  from  the  placement of sports  equipments  in  the  garden,  it  should be  observed  that  some  vacant  places  are  available  for  playing  other  kind  of  sports  such  as  Foot Ball.
  •  Above  all ,measure  should  be  taken  so  that  the  Garden  looks  beautiful  from  the  outside. This will attract the children for playing in the garden. 
  • It  would  be  better  if a  person,  who  has  taken  a  course  on  gardening,  can  be  detailed  for  overall  observation.
  • The  sports  equipments  provided  in  the  garden  should  be  observed  regularly  for functionality.
  • Sufficient  water  will  be  required  for  the  garden  on  regular  basis  because  water  is  an  essential  thing  to  keep  the  surface  of  the  ground   by  green  grass.  Supply  of  water  will also  be  required  for  the  trees  with  flowers. Apart  from  the  green  grass,  flowers  may  attract  the  children  as  well  as  the  parents  of  the  children. 
  • As the garden is for children, priority  should  be  given  to  keep  the  garden  for  playing  by the  children.
  • Regular vigilance will be required for proper maintenance of garden. Vigilance may also be taken to keep the garden from insect-free. Frequent spraying of medicines will be needed for purpose.
  • Finally  it  should  be  observed  that  proper  fencing  around  the  garden  has  been  provided  or  not. It will keep the animals outside the garden.  Unwanted animals like Dog, Cow etc.  will  bring  harm  to  the  children  playing  in  the  garden. Moreover,  these  animals  will bring  the  loss  of  beauty  of  the  garden  also.

There’s nothing like watching tiny seeds grow into something amazing. Or so says US First Lady Michelle Obama, the latest in an increasingly long line of celebrities who have taken to gardening. Famous faces getting their hands dirty include Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman and… erm, Simon Cowell.

Keen to get to get your thumbs green? Firstly, assess your garden conditions. Factors like soil type, moisture, climate and exposure to sunlight will all affect what type of garden you are able to start. Also important: your lifestyle conditions. Do you travel frequently, leaving you with little time to water plants and tend to finicky florae? Or maybe you have a household pet with an unwavering talent for ditch-digging?

Secondly, determine what type of soil you’re working with. If you haven’t been blessed with dark, loose grains, don’t despair. Added clay can give you firmer and moister soil. Manure and fertilizer will improve the quality of your soil and make it more fertile. Most nurseries sell garden soil tests which will assess the amount of sand, silt and clay present in your soil.

Next comes the fun part – selecting plants to grow. Decide whether you’d like annuals (plants that die within one growing season), perennials (plants that last for more than two growing seasons), trees or shrubs. Your soil type, growth area and amount of sunshine will all factor into your plant selection.

When looking for annuals, select plants not found in the flowering packet as these will most likely grow their roots faster than the ones that are already in bloom, which will result in branching on the side and ample flowering. What makes a good plant? Look for stocky ones with green and healthy leaves. Examine the deepest part of the pot – if the roots are overly large for their vessel, they won’t be able to adapt well.

When it comes to watering your garden, too much can be as bad as too little. Too much water and the roots may suffer oxygen loss and drown. Follow each individual plant’s specific watering guidelines but as a general rule:

-        Give your plants about 2cm of water per week, keeping the soil lightly moist to prevent it from drying out completely.

-        Water your plants either in the early part of the day or later in the evening time when the wind is calm and the sun is not too harsh. This prevents water evaporation prior to soil saturation.

-        Pay careful attention to plants easily prone to disease. Water these plants in morning hours to prevent water from sitting on foliage. This encourages fungal plant based diseases to gain a foothold. 

-        A rain gauge is a great way to measure the amount of water naturally provided to the plant to prevent overwatering.

And, lastly, enjoy it! A handy tip from author Hanna Rion: “The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.”