Whatever you plant in your garden, enjoy the benefits of being able to go out and pick fresh salads, vegetables or flowers to your hearts content.

Growing your own fresh vegetables








All these vegetables were picked fresh from my garden today. Rhubarb, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, squash, baby spinich, and parsley and rosemary herbs.

There is nothing better than walking out your back door and choosing which vegetables or salads to pick. I also grow zuchini, cucumber and potatoes and strawberries.

Gardening products, plants and fertilizers bring in millions of dollars for the big businesses every day. We spend so much money improving the look of our gardens, is there any wonder why there are so many florists, nurseries and gardening sections now set up in a lot of big hardware stores.

More and more people are discovering the satisfaction of having and enjoy growing their own vegetables. Not only for the benefits of having confidence in knowing they have the freshness and best flavor at their finger tips. Supermarkets, no longer cater for the person wanting fresh fruit and vegetables. We no longer even know where and how long ago they come into the store. No longer sure it is free of pesticides or nasty chemicals.

Advantages of having your own vegetable garden

I believe we all love the prospect of going outside and picking fresh vegetables and salads when that unexpected visitor arrives.

· Plant seasonal products of your choice

· Plant your favorite vegetables and salads

· Chemical free

· Freshness

· Exercise of digging good for you

· Out in fresh air, what more could you want

Limited to a small garden area

Containers are a great way to grow those special vegetables when you are limited for space. Paved areas can be utilized as a container garden area. Potted plants need more care and consistent watering than a normal garden. The heat from the pavers or metal fences could burn the plants, so do not place them too close to fences.

Choosing vegetables


The best plants for pots are quick maturing ones. Like lettuces, silver beet, or fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants. Avoid planting root vegetables like carrots, or parsnips. Good drainage is needed; never plant large growing tomatoes that could result in the pot tipping over. You need to judge what size pots to use with small or larger plants.

Herbs will grow great in patio planters. Feed the herbs during the growing season, every two weeks with a liquid fertilizer. Remember you can always freeze your herbs in ice cubes. Chop herbs like chives, parsley or mint and place each one separately in ice cube trays. Add 1 tablespoon of water to 1 tablespoon of herb and freeze.

Sharing perennials in garden with vegetables


You can share your perennials garden space with your veggies. Garlic helps keep the garden pests away so plant them in between vegetables and flowers. Silver beet or spinach will grow anywhere. Try to plant different colored vegetables mixed in with other colored plants varying the colors. This will create a more colorful garden, and becomes a talking piece at the same time.


How often have you gone to the grocer and bought potatoes. Often they are green or already shooting instead of being fresh and ready for us to eat.


Do not despair. Cut off the top part that is shooting. Leave it to dry and plant in your garden, approximately 6" down. In three months you can dig up your own new potatoes.


Whatever you plant in your garden, enjoy the benefits of being able to go out and pick fresh salads, vegetables or flowers to your hearts content.