Garlando Outdoor Table

The history of Garlando Foosball tables:

Inspired by a box of matches and a love of football, Harold Thorton developed the game of Foosball as we know it in 1922 in the UK. As an avid fan of football (soccer), Thorton wanted a way to play his favorite game in the comfort of his home. His uncle, Louis Thorton brought the game back to the United States after visiting in nephew and filed a patten in 1927. Today over 1.9 million people enjoy the sport on a regular basis, with a few players making professional careers out of the game. The first Foosball World Championship was held in 1979 with an estimated payout of over $250,000.

Foosball Strategies:

Like any game or sport, the key to great talent is patience and practice. The best Foosball players know when to play a strong defense, and when to play a good offense. Honing your accuracy and power behind your shots is the most important drill you can practice to out play your opponent, however their are a few techniques that will help you conquer your friends and family on your new Garlando Foosball Table:

Push-Kick - Using the push kick strategy on your new Garlando Foosball Table requires patience, and accuracy. If executed properly, your opponent will be caught off guard leaving himself vulnerable for an easy shot. To perform the shot flawlessly, you must simultaneously place the ball next to one of your foosmen and use the rod to shift it quickly sideways parallel with your line of foosmen. Next, while your ball is passing by, quickly and powerfully take your shot with one of your adjacent foosmen.

The Push Shot - One shot that takes a great deal of practice is the push shot. This strategy is used to catch your opponent off guard by not actually "kicking" the ball, but rather "pushing" it into the opponents goal. The ideas is to start with the ball positioned tightly against the foosman witht the rod all of the way out. Slowly push the rod in, gaining speed as the ball begins making its way to the front of the foosman. Then twist the rod slowly as if you were making a shot. The ball should leave the foosman in one fluid motion.

Garlando Foosball Tables

Made in Italy, Garlando Foosball tables are known for being some of the highest quality Foosball tables available. Garlando is known for making both coin operated Foosball tables, as well as freeplay tables. They are the leading manufacturer of Italian style foosball tables. Italian style Foosball is different because of the technical difficulty layout of the board, as well as the hard and slippery ball that is used. The difference in style means that balls cannot be "pinned" under the foos-men which makes for much faster and more challenging game play.

Outdoor Garlando Foosball tables:

In addition to making high quality indoor tables, Garlando also makes rugged and durable outdoor Foosball tables that can withstand heavy abuse and exposure to the elements. They are often made from steel, and dense polymers that allow it to withstand years of use.

Garlando DeluxeFeatures of Garlando Foosball tables:

In addition to the high qaulity materials used to build Garlando coin operated and free-play Foosball tables, they also offer many benefits and features not found in consumer grade tables. Competition score counters, distancers to keep the goalkeeper within range, as well as level adjusting feet to make sure your table is set up properly. Additionally, Garlando Foosball tables have extra features like rods that don't protrude out of the other side of the table into the players, as well has heavy duty vinyl covers.

If you are looking for the highest quality Italian style coin operated Foosball table, or free play Foosball table, any one of the Garland tournament approved tables are extremely high in value and quality.