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New technologies such as heart rate based calorie computation and current pace recording.


Not waterproof and therefore limited use to triathletes

Full Review

The Garmin Forerunner 210 is one of Garmin's latest Gps muti sport watches created to aid runners and athletes of all ability, keep track of and capture their sessions in a simple, cutting-edge and interesting method.

Garmin Forerunner 210 sits alongside the advanced Garmin 410 as well as the outdated fundamental Garmin 110. When compared to the Garmin 110, the Garmin Forerunner 210 has a a couple of extra features and technologies which render it the very best good value watch and make it perfectly suited to anybody with a severe obsession with running and bettering themselves without spending extra cash on additional functionality, that although look nice are superfluous to the majority of people's training demands.

Functionality (In no particular order!)
Vital training stats including Tempo, Speed and Distance are captured for each and every lap that you run and over the entire run. These stats you can view either in real time or from the Garmin 210's hard drive after the run.

Heart Rate
Garmin Forerunner 210 comes with Garmin's brand new style HR Strap which is a large advancement on the HR sensor that was supplied with the old Garmin GPS watch versions. More compact, much more light and portable and more exact than its older brother, upgrading to the Forerunner 210 is worth the cost simply for the pleasure of utilizing this new Heart Rate Strap

Using the HR Strap, the watch precisely computes the amount of calories you shed throughout a run. As opposed to utilizing generic info in order to make this calculation the Garmin 210 considers your current HR which makes this calculation one of the most helpful within the industry and making this a popular HR enabled watch with those individuals wanting to burn fat via physical fitness or those that need to keep a count of their energy outlay such as marathon and ultra marathoners

Interval Training
Adopting this attribute from the much more advanced 410, the Garmin 210 allows you to build advanced interval workouts. You are able to set the time and distance of an interval and set the rest times between each rep. The watch will tell you when it is time to start your next rep and will keep track of your sections with out you having to touch the unit at all.

In Closing