A Great Way to Track

Garmin Forerunner 110 - Light and Comfortable Heart Rate Monitor GPS WatchGPS-enabled heart monitors like the Garmin 110 are a great way to track a workout for all kinds of feedback including distance, pace, and time. The high-sensitivity GPS receiver in the 110 will give accurate results and keep track of you wherever you go, even when you run on a rural trail or through the city.

Heart Rate Functions

With an added ANT+ heart rate monitor the Forerunner 110 will track precise heart rate which makes it easy for you to train in your target heart rate zone over an extended period, or watch your heart rate as you run intervals or sprints. The heart rate function is also great because it allows the Garmin to calculate a heart rate-based estimate of how many calories you are burning in your workout. The mens black/gray and woman's gray/pink Forerunner 110 come with a heart rate monitor strap included, so these heart rate watches are ready to go right from the start.

Size and Comfort

The Garmin 110 is loved by many for its small size and comfortable fit. It is the size of a typical watch which makes it easy to wear all day, and the comfortable wrist band will not bother you over the long haul. Unlike other sports watches with similar function that are just too big, the Garmin 110 is just the right size for maximum comfort. It is a great GPS running watch, but the low profile will not make it look like a computer on your wrist.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

You can spend more and get a few more features, but most people won't use them. The Garmin 11o includes all the basic features that you need without getting out of hand. The uncluttered screen shows you the most important date at a glance without being overrun with information. Easy to use right out of the box, you won't get frustrated trying to figure out which screen you are on. In fact, it is so easy you will be on the road or on the trail only minutes after you put it on.

Online Tools

Like other Garmin heart rate monitor watches you can upload the stored workout data to the Garmin Connect website so that you can analyze your workouts and see your progress over time. This is a great way to track progress towards your next race or just for storing data over the long-term. You can even set goals and track their completion and see your path on a map.

Shows You What You Need

The Garmin 110 shows you exactly what you need when you are on a run. You will find it easy to track heart rate and pace at all times. If you are training for a 5k, a marathon, or just trying to beat your best time, these features are a must. In addition to that, you will have easy access to distance and time. There is a lap feature that allows you to set lap times for even more feedback to track your progress. In short, you get what you need and don't have to look at the things you don't need.

Small, Light, Comfortable Heart Rate Monitor

The best thing about the Garmin Forerunner 110 is really the form of the unit. It is small, light, and comfortable. As if the packed feature set was not good enough, the comfort of the watch is what makes it really stand out from the competition. The Garmin Forerunner 110 is a great choice.