I first heard of this product while looking for an automotive GPS.  I read that Garmin is basically THE place to check out for GPS systems wether it be for boat, airplane or simply runners.  On their website I checked out their sport watches and decided to pick one up.  Garmin have a variety of sport watches going from 129.99 to 349.99 (on their website) but I purchased mine on Amazon.com and picked a mid-range model, the Forerunner 305.  I needed something to help me out when I parcour around Montreal to know where I've been before.  Turns out I use a lot of the other options that help me get motivated.  With all its neat tricks, its like having a personal trainer in your head... If that's something you'd be into.



-Heart-Rate chest strap lets you know how much of a workout you're really doing and if you should man-up or slow down !

-The GPS system allows you to keep track of the trails you've already done before, the time it took to take them and keeps scores of speed and distance so you can out race previous performances.  It's quick and accurate and I've only had it drop on me twice (for about a minute since I bought it.



Looks and Feel:  It's slick and pretty comfortable.  I've never been much of a watch wearing kinda guy, but this one definitely stays nice and tight around the wrist without getting uncomfortable or irritating once you start sweating.

Reliability:  The upgraded GPS system is quick and precise, and will be a nice break for anyone who owns a iPhone.  No more lost connections around tall buildings or trees. 

Durability:  As I said previously, I do alot of urban free-running and tend to get a little rough.  I was a little worried the watch wouldn't be able to put up with the punishment, but so far, so good.  I even banged it hard twice (by accident, I can't afford a collection of these !) and it barely even left a scratch.

Extras:  It is water-resistant (can be submerged for short periods of time) and has a batterie life of 10 hours.  I would have liked a little more, especially with the Amazon Kindle which somehow has a 1 month batterie life, but hey, nothing's perfect.  Comes with Training software, a foot pod to track progress on a treadmill, a USB cable and a bunch of other bonuses.