Garmin 1350lm is a portal GPS unit with a color screen. The 1350lm is able to be used in your car, bicycle, or most any other mode of transportation. It makes it easy to just buy 1 GPS unit and then swap it back and forth between vehicles depending on which one you are driving that day.

What it will do

The nuvi 1350lm will also help save you a lot of money because on trips it will help you to find suitable shortcuts which will help to cut down on the amount of fuel used. The 1350lm uses a feature it calls EcoRoute. EcoRoute helps to find the most fuel efficient route to travel.

This GPS unit will make it easy for you to navigate both unknown roads as well as familiar roads. The biggest feature of the Garmin nuvi 1350lm is the turn by turn directions. This GPS navigator makes it super-easy to find any destination when you have it turned on. Once you use the Garmin nuvi GPS navigator you will never want to be without it when you travel.

Easy to Use

1350lm is easy to set-up and is very portable. The portability factor makes this  unit very useful because you can use it in any car or when you are out walking. Unlike other GPS units this one will not be a slave to your car. Even though the 1350lm is easy to remove and transfer between cars it is just as high-tech as other units. In fact, the Garmin 1350lm is actually much more high tech than other units that have to be permanently installed in a vehicle.

Most people have some form of GPS guide on their mobile phone but it has many more features, a larger and easier to see screen, and it will not drain your battery. You can easily continue using your phone to talk and text with while you use the Garmin nuvi 1350lm for educated navigation guidance.

Best Deal

It is considered one of the best deals on GPS units. The retail cost of this Garmin unit is amazingly low for all of the features you get but to get an even better deal you can buy this Unit off of Amazon and save a lot of money.

You cannot go wrong with this Garmin GPS but is you are leery of how useful it will be it is important to remember that Amazon has a great return policy. This will give you a chance to use it n the real World and then return it if it does not fit your needs. More than likely you will be keeping it for many years to come.