Caffeine eye roll on


Refreshing metallic roll on ball
Fancy package design


Doesn't do anything
Made me have wrinkles
Some people experience eye-twitching from the caffeine
I still have black eyes!

Full Review

Personal Review

This product claims to be 'Anti bags and dark circles'.

Having suffered from huge eyebags and panda black eyes, I decided to give this product a shot! I purchased it swiftly at my nearest boots store and rushed home to roll on the magic stuff.

My first though was, 'Wow, it looks really professional'. I trusted the package, it looked safe and promised to cure my eyebag problems. I started rolling it on and that was when I began to doubt it. I wondered, was anything coming out at all? The liquid doesn't come out evenly. After a few minutes of rolling around aimlessly, I finally got the product on.

It was cool, refreshing. I saw no immediate changes. So I kept on using it for approximately two weeks. On my second week, I began to notice lines around my eyes. BIG lines... I'm only 20 and I was getting eye wrinkles! The colour of my eyebags did not change either. I was disappointed, least to say.

My overall recommendation?

Don't buy this product, it promises too much and delivers too little!

In Closing

This product didn't work for me at all, but if you have purchased it already, I hope it works for you!