I have been riding Gary Fisher bikers since 2004. Specifically I have been riding a 2004 Gary Fisher Wahoo. I have had this bike through hell and back. Gary Fisher bicycles come with a life time warranty on the frame if you have a steel or aluminum frame. My Gary Fisher Wahoo has the aluminum frame and I keep HOPING that the bike frame will crack so I can get a new frame for free but it's just not going to happen. Gary Fisher builds their bikes to last. My Wahoo is no exception.

A little air in the tires and little lube on the chain and my bike is happy. I now weigh 326 pounds and this hard tailed bicycle still holds up excellent for me. Many people think the large Gary Fisher welds are ugly. When I look at the large welds on my Gary Fisher frame I see a piece of art. I also see safety. I have full confidence in the welds on my Gary Fisher bicycle and I know from experience that they will hold up for me. I also love the way the welds look. Maybe it was the welding I did in the past but when I see the large welds on a Fisher frame I get excited by the beauty of it.

For 2010 Gary Fisher has updated the Gary Fisher Wahoo once again. When I look at the new Gary Fisher Wahoo's I realize how outdated my old Gary Fisher Wahoo is. I would love to upgrade to a new Wahoo but there is nothing wrong with my old Wahoo. These bikes last for a long time.

If I do upgrade my bicycle this year it probably will not be Wahoo. I really like my Wahoo but the 2010 Wahoo's have lower grade components than what I would like. The 2010 Wahoo's cost much more than I paid for my 2004 Wahoo so I should get at least the same level components or better.

The 2010 Wahoo does have the G2 geometry frame which I prefer over the standard hard tail frame of my 2004 Wahoo. In fact my 2004 Gary Fisher Wahoo was the last year of the Wahoo with the traditional frame. Starting in 2005 Fisher Bikes started using the "Genesis Geometry" for the Wahoos. The frame for the 2010 Wahoos are definitely and upgrade over my old Wahoo and just as strong.

With the 2004 I have the Shimano Alvio rear derailleur. On the 2010s it comes with the Shimano Deore M591 for the rear derailleur. It is an upgrade but not much of one. When you look at the components that come on the 2010 Gary Fisher Wahoo you will realize you can get a lot higher grade components on other bikes in the same price range. What you get with the Gary Fisher though is a strong frame. It will not break. If it does break Gary Fisher will replace it with a new frame.

If you are going to spend the money on a new Wahoo expect to get a bicycle that will last for many years.