Learning how to repair your home fireplaces

Fixing fireplace problems

Gas Fireplace Replacement PartsGas fireplaces are just like other home appliances that come with a host of problems. It is important to remember that it can be very dangerous working around gas or another flammable material. Always take great caution. Before trying to tackle a gas fireplace repair, make sure that the gas supply is shut off.

It is a good safety precaution to leave  the gas supply off every time the fireplace is not being used. This may prevent any mishaps from occurring from accidental leakage. Here are a few common problems with gas fireplaces and ways to solve them.

One of the most common problems faced is that the fireplace does not turn on. This may happen because the pilot light has blown out. To fix this, a person may need to open the vent and check if the flame is still burning. If the flame is out, then a lighter or match stick will be needed to start the fire once again.

Gas Fireplace Repair

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Another normal gas fireplace problem is that the main burner will refuse to turn on during certain times or may be sluggish. Loose wiring of the burner may be to blame. Check the wires and note what voltage is being provided to the burner. Make sure that the wires are fixed and enough voltage is being given. This may effectively solve the problem.

The main burner may be sluggish because of problems with the thermocouple. This device provides a feedback mechanism that controls the room's temperature by regulating the heat supply. A normal reason for this is that it is not fit tightly enough inside of the fireplace valve. To correct this problem, find the gas control valve and ensure that the thermocouple has a tight fit. Thoroughly check all of the wires by comparing it to the wiring diagram in the owner's manual. If a person does not get a uniform heat supply fGas Fireplace Replacementrom the fireplace, they will need to check if the fan in the fireplace is working correctly. Fixing the fan may solve the problem quickly.

If none of these things work to repair the gas fireplace, it may be time to consult the manufacturer and ask them to send a capable technician to discover what the problem may be. Troubleshooting without professional guidance may save some money on the repair bills, but it is not worth it in the end if everything gets all messed up. If a person is not confident about doing a gas fireplace repair on their own, it is wise to call a technician right from the beginning. Most issues are usually relatively easy to fix in a small amount of time. This article should have supplied a rough idea of how to tackle simple gas fireplace repairs and troubleshooting. More complicated issues should be wisely left up to the professionals.