Raking leaves in the fall is such a tedious chore. Especially if you have a big lawn, and two or three big trees that hang over your landscape. I'm sure you say to yourself, "Do I really have to rake all those leaves?" A good gas leaf blower will surely save you a lot of time. One of the great things about fall is watching the leaves turn to color. However, no one really enjoys spending hours a day having to rake leaves. Especially when there's so much else to get done during the fall season. So finding gas leaf blowers for sale online can save you a little money, and time this fall season. You can find brand new or used gas leaf blowers for sale online. Prices aren't too high, depending on what kind of gas leaf blower you're looking to buy. Take a look at some of the best gas leaf blowers for sale online.

Black and Decker Gas Leaf Blowers for Sale

Bv2500 Black and Decker Leaf Hog Blower Vac

The Bv2500 Black and Decker Leaf Hog Blower Vac features a anti-clog vacuum system, 12 amp, speeds between 100-200 MPH, a 10:1 ratio, and a accessible fan. The advantages for the Bv2500 gas leaf blowers is that they're pretty cheap. However, they're also one of Black and Decker's more limited gas leaf blowers. It's not a bad gas leaf blower product to use. It will clean up your yard in no time. You can purchase the Bv2500 Black and Decker gas leaf blower for sale online for prices around $70 dollars or lower at places like amazon.

Lh4500 Black and Decker Gas Leaf BlowerIf your budget is to find the best gas leaf blower for sale under a $100 dollars, then I'd take a look at the Lh4500 Black and Decker gas leaf blower. It's more powerful and doesn't cost all that much more than the Bv2500. It can go up to 240 MPH, providing a lot of more power and efficiency in removing leaves from you lawn. If you got big piles of leaves in your lawn, then this is one of the best gas leaf blowers for sale under a $100 dollars. Other features include a 16:1 ratio, and 385 CFM air volume. The gas leaf blower works for mulched areas, wet area, wherever there are leaves that need picked up pronto. Black and Decker gas leaf blowers are noise reducers. Leaf blowers are often loud and obnoxious. Bv2500 Black and Decker gas leaf blowers are going for sale at ace hardware superstore.

Echo Gas Leaf Blowers

Echo PB-250 Gas Leaf Blower

If you want the latest model on the market, the Echo PB-250 is brand new, and its going for sale. The PB-250 is a 25.4 cc Power Boost Vortex engine. Other features include 16.9 fuel capacity, a rotary valve carburetor, 390 average air volume, and maximum air speeds up to 135 MPH. A consumer warranty of 5 years, and a commercial warranty of 2 years. The key feature is the curved pipe for rotational control. It's a lightweight and a easily operated gas leaf blower to use. There's a three position top handle for those to use. It's a little expensive and costs over a hundred dollars when purchasing online. You can purchase Echo PB-250 gas leaf blowers for sale online at homedepot.com.

Craftsman 25cc Gas Blower

The Craftsman 25cc gas blower allows you to adjust to variable speeds of your choosing. The Sim Pul technology makes it an easy and smooth gas leaf blower to use. It's a ratio of 12:1, with maximum speeds up to 210 MPH, and 450 CFM. It's effective for the most difficult places to reach leaves of on your yard, like mulched areas, or in between bushes, and flower beds. This bad boy will suck them right out without much hassle. Prices are slight over a $100 dollars, but on sale online at sears.

Used Gas Leaf Blowers for Sale

Of course you can always purchase used gas leaf blowers for sale online, or at local hardware stores. Some places will allow you to just rent gas leaf blowers as well. The Poulan Pro 25cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Variable Speed 200 MPH Blower can be purchased used online at amazon. Costs start as low as $90 dollars. It's a quality and heavily featured gas leaf blower with enough power to keep your yards, gardens, and driveways free of leaves. Probably the best places to shop for used gas leaf blowers online is at ebay, and pawnmart. You can find some used gas leaf blowers well under $50 dollars. Some used Echo leaf blowers are being sold on pawn mart for just $30 dollars.