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Most people remember remote control cars from their childhood. Received on Christmas Day, they would spend several hours puttering around the living room until the AA batteries ran out. If that is still your impression of RC cars today, then prepare to be shocked.

Gasoline powered RC cars are hobby level remote control vehicles that are a growing hobby around the world. These things are fast! With incredibly fast top end speeds and tons of upgrade potential, more and more people are getting into fast gas powered RC cars and having tons of fun. You really have to drive one of these things to get it, it is fun!

This article is all about gasoline powered remote control cars, how they work and where to buy them. We'll talk about how they operate and what a potential new owner can expect, and we'll touch on how to upgrade and purchase them. 

Gasoline Powered RC Cars: How They Work

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Gas powered RC cars are different from traditional 'toy grade' RC cars in that they don't use electric power for their primary operations. Using a miniature engine, these things are propelled by gasoline combustion much like a real car. They also contain many elements found on full sized vehicles such as suspensions, rack and pinion steering, rubber tires and even lights.

It should be mentioned that these are not toys. They are intended for adult use and they require care, careful maintenance and driving. They can achieve extremely high speeds and use a combustible fuel.

Gas powered RC cars consist of a transmitter, contained in a battery powered remote control for the user, and a receiver on the vehicle itself. The vehicle receives  radio transmissions via the receiver which tell it when to turn, brake, accelerate, etc. The operations on the vehicle itself are controlled by servo-mechanisms, which operate when a signal is received.

Gas powered remote control cars will usually run on a mixture of gasoline and oil to power their 2-stroke engines. They are more expensive than electric or nitro powered equivalents, but they are also generally more durable so they provide a long term value.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Gasoline Powered Remote Control Cars

There are some real advantages to going with a gasoline powered remote control car over another option, as well as some downsides. We'll go over the advantages and disadvantages here.


Gas powered RC cars are very fast and efficient. Far better than any toy grade competitors, these things can achieve speeds close to that of real vehicles. They are a blast to drive and to race for this reason, and super fun to show off.

Gasoline powered RC cars are pretty durable. Since they are somewhat larger than electric or nitro powered competitors, they can have slightly more beefy parts and suspension units, shielding them from harm. The engines used in these things tend to be fairly low maintenance, and they should last for a long time before service or replacement is necessary (provided they are well maintained!)

Another advantage of gasoline powered remote control cars is that they are cheap to run. They don't require very much fuel to operate, and you don't need to wait for it to charge up to be ready to go: just add more fuel and away you go!


Although they are remarkably fast, it is generally agreed that gas powered rc cars are not as fast as either electric or nitro powered hobby level cars, for a few reasons. The electric engines can achieve maximum torque immediately upon takeoff, and the nitro engines are extremely powerful. Both are lighter than gas powered rc cars too, so they can accelerate more quickly.

It could be argued that electric and nitro powered rc cars are less 'messy', without the need for pouring of gas / oil mixtures. They are less smelly too, and electric vehicles in particular emit no harmful exhaust fumes (though the fumes from gas powered remote control cars are very minimal).

Where To Buy:

Gasoline Powered Remote Control Cars

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If you're interested in buying a gasoline powered remote control car, you should probably start at a local hobby shop. If you're in a decent sized urban center, you should be able to track down an RC car distributor very readily. If the shop you frequent doesn't carry them, they'll probably be able to point you in the right direction. These things can range from $600 to over $3000 depending on the level of complexity.

You can also find great deals on fast gas powered RC cars online. Amazon is a great place to begin searching, and there are many online retailers who specifically deal in radio controlled vehicles, parts and accessories. I highly recommend Hobby King as an online retailer. 

Don't be afraid of looking for used gas powered RC cars either. They generally hold up well and can take a lot of punishment, so a used model is totally acceptable if you're looking to save a bit of money. 

I do recommend checking out a forum or two while you do your research into your gas powered RC cars. Like most hobbies, there are passionate people all over the world more than willing to offer advice or suggestions. Definitely worth checking out!

Good Luck!