by RicHard-59 (own work)

Everyone wants to save money at the pump. 

Rewards programs often have sereval features.  Some are worth it, some are not. Here I will compare the ones offered by oil companies.  

Sign-On Bonus/Special Promotions Savings  Company Program Name

one time$0.10 per gallon

up to 20 gallons ($2 value)

$0.05 per 20 gallons


Driver Rewards

$0.06 per gallon

after 45 gallons


Many ongoing Based on amount you spend with affiliated retail partners


Fuel Rewards Network

$0.20 per gallon in first 60 days +

if spend over $1,000 earn extra $0.20

$0.10 per gallon

after spending $300 each month, max $300 annually

Chevron Texaco

Personal Credit Card

To summarize, all the credit card rewards programs seem like a rip off.  You have to spend so much money, and then your rewards are mere peanuts, and there are limiatations.  If you are a constant shopper, or if you have a business, maybe these make more sense.  Some of the gas companies have special cards just for businesses. 

Shell's the winner, hands down. Their program is nice because once you link up your credit card information, the earnings potential is practically unlimited.  It's great to earn discounts on money you need to spend anyway.  Things like groceries, school clothes, and even your cell phone may qualify for earnings potential.

Don't limit yourself to rewards programs.  There are other ways to save cash at the pump.

Other Ways to Find Gas Savings at the Pump

  • Look in local mailers for coupons.
  • Check with any place you are a member of:
    • Fitness Centers
    • Charities
    • Other rewards programs
  • See if any of your favorite merchants offer discounts
  • Join a bulk discount store like Costco or Sam's Club
  • Ask the dealer when you buy your car if they can provide some gas assistance
  • Go online and search local gas prices
  • Enter contests that offer gas money

My favorite recent example of a retailer offering discounted gas is K-Mart.  They put out an ad recently for "Big Gas Savings."  Check out the youtube video below.


Other Tips To Increase MPG

  1. Drive More Efficiently
    1. Slowly accelerate and brake
    2. Don't blast A/C when accelerating
    3. Don't speed
    4. Use cruise control
  2. Keep up on car maintainance
    1. Properly inflate tires
    2. Regularly change oil
    3. Keep engine in shape
  3. Plan Your Routes/Trips
    1. Share a ride/carpool/take a bus when you can
    2. Avoid high congestion
    3. Map your route for fewest miles
    4. Drive during cooler time in summer and warmer times in winter

Keep a log book for MPG.  Newer cars will track it for you.  Otherwise reset the trip odometer each time you fill up.  Divide miles travelled by gallons pumped.  If it starts dropping, get a tune up.